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Zombie Bowling is a location in Metaninjas.


It is a semi-hexagonal structure, where ninjas perform Battlejitzu in the center. Positioned around the ninja are six zombies, which, when can be knock down. Alec enjoys doing this with his black katana.

Metaninjas.Com Description

Send these zombies flying!

It is time to test your Battlejitzu abilities to the max! Spin to a vortex and see how many zombies you can send flying! With a choice of 9 different weapons, you are sure to get a strike! Watch out for the missiles on the walls! Main attractions:

  • Inhabitants: Alec (normally in dragon suit) and six zombies
  • Weapons: 9 (two silver samurai swords, two spears, two axes, two double scythes, and one sword)
  • Arena Wall Missiles
  • Arena opens and closes for adjusted difficulty
  • Zombie Bowling arena measures eleven yards wide and five yards tall


  • The zombies are just dummies.