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Zoe Ingrid is a character in Morphers.



Zoe is the most mean, offensive, and violent Morpher, and the people that think that are right. Zoe is extremely insane and loves to injure others for fun, always torturing Morphers and even her own sisters. He makes fun of the Christians for their mental retardation. Zoe is extremely uncaring and is not at all loyal.


Zoe has dark ginger hair, medium nougat skin, and brown eyes, and wears a dark red suit with golden buttons, a gold badge, and a red necktie. She also wears red pants.



The back of her body has jet boosters, which can give her incredible speed.


Early Life

All that is known about Zoe's early life is she managed to gain a passion for assault and secured a job as a mailwoman.


In Morphers: The Movie, Zoe's armored car was blown up during the chase after Pheno mixed acrylonitrile and ethanol and threw it at her. Zoe was destroyed in the explosion.