Xsizter Injects Weed is an episode of The Wikia Show.


Ever since Xsizter resigned from his role as founder of LEGO Dimensions Wiki, he got crippling depression. In his lair, Xsizter discovers the magic of using illegal substances and suffers an instant decline in his mental faculties, resulting in a need to dress up as Searingjet and steal his popularity. Xsizter then puts on Searingjet's outfit and starts doing stuff like him. He sticks up his finger and then goes to PE and starts YMCA-ing. He then gives up and his stomach distends. He goes around LEGO Dimensions Wiki claiming to be Searingjet while Searingjet is on Sketchian Multiverse Wiki. However, Searingjet returns and they try to decide who is the real Searingjet, first they both do the Hitler Salute (both of them do it at once), dab (the actual Searingjet does it first), and then a running race. At the end I dunno.

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