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[ Sid, Fiona, Krish, Jake, Florence, and Kristian stand on one side of a half-pipe made of ice.]


Fiona and Krish: First!

[Krish snowboards down the half pipe, while Fiona flies behind. Krish pulls out a Morpher Wheel, and Fiona bites it.]

Fiona and Krish: Morph!

[Fiona & Krish Morph flies back to beginning of half pipe, others start talking randomly.]

Kristian: F**k yeah!

Sid: That is awesome, guys!

Florence: I am so happy for you!

Sid: Next! 

[Sid and Jake snowboard down together.]

Jake: Rarahh! Haa daa dah daraah daaghh!!!

[Jake and Sid do the same thing.]

Sid and Jake: Morph!

[Morph throws up logs and ice poles, making stairs to walk back to the beginning of the half pipe.]

All: (Randomly). All right! Cool! Nice!

Kristian: Last!

[Florence and Kristian start snowboarding. Kristian pulls out a Morpher Wheel as it shines bright.]


[However, when Florence and Kristian reach the other side...]

Florence and Kristian: MARPH!

Florence & Kristian Murp: Marph. Marph. Aheeheehee!

(Marph burns and falls through the icy half pipe.)

Morphers: Ooh! Ouch!

[Florence and Kristian pop out of the hole they created, frigid.]

Fiona: (Flies in.) It is explosive...

Sid: (Sliding in.) be a Frost!

[Episode ends with THE END popping up and switching to HEN DET.]