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Wikiadude12 vs. The Popcorn is the pilot of The Wikia Show.


The episode start until Trigger-0 wears a inner tube without sandals shoes, but it walk in a shower room, Trigger-0 blows out a slime pits and grabs a soap, and eat it, and insert the hose, puffs up until soap coming out, next scene Wiki Dude was Shaving at work, and Skittle F*** was washing by a shower washing off by soap and bubbles in shower. But in next scene Shock17 was bronzing and was using a "Popcorn Speak Spanish Milk" and drinks it and eat popcorn Spanish. Shock17 is say "Aloha Amigos!" It was being walk out home. Next scene Trigger-0 and Wikiadude12 was eating popcorn, and title bottle is "Trigger-0's Own Popcorn Fabricator" and Wikiadude12 eats a popcorn. But Shock17 was knocking a ingress. Wikiadude12 say "What the F***, it's knocking." But Trigger-0 forgot a about a mix slime pits by using a jar of "Slime Trenches Mixing" and mix up on Trigger-0's Abysses. Wikiadude12 opens a entrance, and Shock17 say "Aloha Wikiadude12 y Trigger-0." But Wikiadude12 and Trigger-0 was not exposed to any king of drug Spanish. Trigger-0 calls Mister Shad and bringing use "No Speaking Spanish Juice" and walk out to THE CRUSTY CRACK HOME by walk in Trigger-0's home and Sky and Mister Shad was to safe, and drinks on Shock17's mouth and Feel alive in Speak English. At the end of episode Shock17 and Friends was dancing.