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Wikia Warfare is a shooter/stealth game came this November! It is canceled.




Team Free For All

There are two teams which must kill more of the other team then vice versa to win.

Murder Confirmed

A game mode where players collect crystal balls from dead opponents to receive credit.

Conquer and Hurry

One team defends various objectives, while the other team attempts to capture them.

Obliteration Bomb

A game mode where players secure an explosive and detonate at various bases.

Blender Mode

A playlist where each game mode interchanges. Every match, players switch teams.


The objective is to capture three locations on the map: A, B, & C.

Capture the Flag

Players on the same team steal flags from the other team and bring them to a mother ship.


Community Central

A map divided into six zones: Adoption Market, The Alleys, The Warehouse, Shopping Center, Main Center, and Admin Park. The name is a pun on Wikia Community Central.

Chat Town

Chat Town is an extended map, featuring a seafood restaurant, an ice cream shop, a gas station, and a hotel. The name is a pun on the Chat, a feature on all Wikis.

Stub Dump

A well written page has been reverted and categorized as a stub, reflected in game as a crash landed ship, the first side of the map is a desert, and the other is a golf course. It has a bridge in the middle to separate the two sides. The name is a pun on the Stub category, and is an insult to it in addition.

Badge Junction

This map is a mine that has a mine train that crosses right down the middle. This adds a whole new aspect of avoiding the train while also hunting down foes, as hitting the train is an instant death, as well as you not being able to be revived. The name is a pun on Badges on various wikis and the term "Badge Mining".

Port Hacker

Port Hacker is divided into two areas, the castle and the village. In the middle of these two areas is a boat. Ahead is a small beach. The name is a reference to hackers, and how a minor few pirate media.

Banbite Shores

It is a small town located on a beach with giant bones of users. The areas are Blocked Beach, Banned Beach, and The Town. The name is a reference to banned users being cast away from the Wiki.

Hub Flats

Notable spots of Hub Flats include: a closed off door near a ban graveyard where one team spawns, scattered small houses, a playground, a tree fort, and a pool. The name is a references to Hubs on Wikia.

Noobking Estate

It is known as the abode of the Noobking and is small area with features such as a banned-from-chat graveyard with several pumpkins around the map. The map is located in the middle of a wooded area. Noobking's name is a reference to noobs.



Noobking has created the Zombifier, a drug which turns people into zombies! At a hospital, Noobking inserts a syringe full of Zombifier into a patient, who then kills more people and turns others into zombies! You must fight off the zombie apocalypse with your friends, and make sure it does not spread to the whole planet!

New Features

  • Four accessory kits, which allow you to make four fan favorite characters in game: Trigger, Game-Time, Schizo Kitty, and Lew Tesla! Use each accessory pack as intended and customize your online avatar to look like your favorite of them four, or mix and match and create your own character!
  • 20 new story adventures, where you kill zombies, but it turns out these zombies were not just created by Zombifier: they were possessed by Alien Brains!
  • Four new guns; the blaster rifle, the pepper box, the AK-47, and the P99!
  • One new mode: ZOMBIES! Kill the Walking Dead with your friends, but remember not to get bitten!

The DLC pack costs $19.99, and that is QUITE a bargain if you ask me.

Alien Invasion

The aliens have come to Earth to spread cultural slime growth medium over three major cities! Get your pistols, bullets, missile launchers, and rockets, because we are taking back what's (not) rightfully ours!

New Features

  • Four accessory kits, which allow you to make four more characters in game: Marty Miles, Pixel Hawks, Neo Futurist (he survived!), and Aiden Lord. Use each accessory pack as intended and customize your online avatar to look like your favorite of the four, or mix and match and create your own character!
  • One all new open world to stop the aliens.
  • Four new guns; the Nuclear Paintball Bazooka, the Blunderbuss, the Minigun, and the M1911.
  • One new mode: DETONATOR! Everything will assassinate you in this exploding mode where only one will have the high ground!

The DLC pack is $19.99, and that is QUITE the bargain if you ask me.


  • It was cancelled.