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Wikia is an animated adult sitcom created by RealGameTime.


The show follows the exploits of users from the internet site, Wikia. The users live in the LEGO Marty McCoy Cinematic Universe Wiki (also known as the LMMCU), a wiki dedicated where anyone can create fanon customs. The wiki is also home to an assortment of frequent characters such as fanon characters, abnormal creatures and monsters, staff managers, bots, and other various residents. The wiki is often called an unpopular wiki compared to other wikis like Ideas Wiki and Fantendo. Plots are often set in motion by events, ranging from the fairly typical to the supernatural and extraordinary, which frequently happen in the wiki. Episodes usually find them going on adventures throughout the internet or hatching schemes to help the LMMCU gain popularity. The show's characters also have allies and enemies from other wikis and internet sites.



  • Miles - The founder of the LMMCU, pop-culture fan and main character of the show. He sets on a quest to make LMMCU, a wiki originally dedicated only for his use.
  • Trigger - A crazy custom creator who is obsessed with artillery and violence. He is half-gremlin which gives him gremlin-like abilities.
  • Trail - A huge comic book reader who has fire-related abilities from a freak accident at Fandom University's science enrichment center.
  • Searing - A game programmer, athlete and meme enthusiast. He is one of the current bureaucrat of the LEGO Dimensions Wiki and LEGO Dimensions Customs Community.
  • GameTime - A video gamer that is idiotic, erratic, and selfish who serves as a negative influence on other characters and causes misfortune around them.
  • Pixel - A mischievous and super-jumpy user which likes to prank people and has unhealthy obsessions around sugary foods and watching Japanese anime.
  • Dap - The lead researcher of Fandom Labs who is very intelligent and serious about his work.
  • Jago - A ninja/Fandom warrior for Fandom's Secret Warrior Force and battle commander.
  • Mari - The most optimistic and prominent female user who is a bureaucrat at the LEGO Dimensions Wiki and loves to write fan-fictions.


  • Vesp - One of the workers at Fandom Labs. He is one of the scientists studying time travel and plays the keytar.
  • Sky - A DJ who loves music and doesn't really give a shit about anything. He is a dragon who has dragon-like abilities.
  • Shade - A smart user who happens to be a narwhal and is king of the Atlantis Empire.
  • Trojan - A wiki wander and worker for Fandom who happens to be prepared for future invasions.
  • Xsizter - LEGO Dimensions' wiki leader and founder who acts like a boss.
  • Zena - One of the ninja that works for Fandom's Secret Warrior Force.
  • Tyro - A user who works at LEGO Dimensions Wiki... just a regular good ol' user.
  • Stone - A user who is a fan of GameTime.
  • Bio-Mech - A user who likes to make customs on Brickapedia.
  • Andy - A sock account person run by a great evil.

Other Characters

  • Peace - A king who is royal, rich and the king of the Peace Empire.
  • Kiddie - A user with bird-like abilities who is addicted to his phone.
  • Emman - A user who is the leader of the Ideas Wiki.
  • Neo - A user who loves to watch YouTube videos and do weird memey stuff.
  • Benny - A alien-like user who crash lands to Fandom.
  • Green Ninja - The sensei and teacher of Fandom's Secret Warrior Force.
  • Nerd - A robot Dap builds to handle tasks around Fandom University.
  • Cipher - A user who likes to fart everywhere.
  • Khairi - A bureaucrat of the LEGO Dimensions Wiki.
  • Goofball - A user who hates the LEGO Dimensions Wiki.
  • Cyber - A user who likes to bully people around Fandom.
  • Bricky Blocks - The current second-in leader of the Ideas Wiki.


Season 1

  • Ep. 01 - Welcome to the Wiki! (Series Premiere) - Miles creates the LMMCU Wiki for his customs until another user comes and puts his projects on it...
  • Ep. 02 - Fast Times at Fandom University - The gang gets sent to Fandom University after Miles disruptily edits another wiki's page.
  • Ep. 03 - Only the Blaze - When Dap's invention goes awry, Trail gains fire powers but has trouble controlling them.
  • Ep. 04 - Dimension Suspension - The gang gets jobs at the LEGO Dimensions Wiki. Searing is tasked to run the wiki while Xsizter goes out.
  • Ep. 05- Crouching Samurai, Hidden iNinja - When the LMMCU gets raided, the Secret Warrior Force arrives on the scene but they go a little too far on wiki protection.
  • Ep. 06 - GameTime Gets Shipped - Mari tries to become a matchmaker for GameTime and creates a fanfiction shipping him with another user. GameTime isn't too thrilled about the fanfiction, though.
  • Ep. 07 - I, Gremlin - After a bloody violent war starts in Trigger's home island, he goes on an solo quest to fight with his people.
  • Ep. 08 - Pickup on Sweet Street - When the gang realizes that Pixel has been overdosing on candy, they take him to a rehab center.
  • Ep. 09 - A Nerdy Revolution - Dap finally gives up on creating machines once after another machine spontaneously combusts for all but one of the old robots he built tries to convince him to create again.
  • Ep. 10 - Fantasy Food Nation - The gang tries to help bring back the annual Fantasy Food Fight this year after another site begins another event on the same day.
  • Ep. 11 - The Virus Factor - After a person on the LEGO Dimensions Wiki gets infected by a deadly virus, Miles tries to solve an mystery: How did the person get it?
  • Ep. 12 - Fake Friends and Real Enemies (Season Finale) - The gang starts to question if their internet friendship is real. Meanwhile, the virus spreads throughout the internet.

Season 1 Holiday Specials

  • Ep. 13 - Evil Thread (Halloween Special) - A mysterious user shows up at the LMMCU just in time for the LMMCU Halloween party but soon after his arrival, various users suddenly become missing.
  • Ep. 14 - A Wikia Christmas Story (Christmas Special) - The gang helps Nerd discover the true meaning of Christmas when the holidays hit Wikia.

Season 2

  • Ep. 15 - LMMCU 2: The Better Wiki - After everyone starts to ignore Miles and his projects, he creates another LMMCU wiki that soon afterwards gains more attention and users than the original.

Season 2 Holiday Specials

Season 3

Season 3 Holiday Specials

Season 4

Season 4 Holiday Specials

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  • This show is inspired by the original premise of The GameTime Movie which included users as characters in the movie. That premise was scrapped.
  • Wikia is rated TV-MA. Episodes of the show contain mature language (L), sexual situations (S), violence (V), and nudity and are only intended for mature audiences. Not all episodes contain the same rating but warnings will be put up for every episode in the beginning and each commercial break so that viewer discretion is always advised.
  • The show got renewed for a second, third, and fourth season premiering later in the future.