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Wiki Rogue is an action drama tv series made by Pixel and Miles.


Pixel Fox is a man with a mission, he wants to be someone else, something else (Get the reference?). He joins a team called Team Wikia and they take down all the evil in the wikiverse


  • PixelFox666 as Pixel Fox, the main character
  • Raven as Raven Stone, Pixel's best friend who he has a crush on
  • MilesRS777 as Miles Sen, a former scientist who used to work at the CSI, but is now the head of Team Wikia
  • RealGameTime as Jared GameTime, a hacker who makes gadgets for Pixel
  • Skylanderlord3 as Sky Jason, a werewolf who was raised by Miles
  • TrailBlazer101 as Blazer, fireman who used to dress as Spider-Man for his commercials
  • Searingjet as Searingknot, Pixel's Earth 54039393939390 equivalent
  • GalaGamez as Gala Gamer, Pixel's sidekick
  • TyroAlert as Tyro, season 1's main villain


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