Welcome, Users! is the first episode of Total Drama: LMMCU.

The Episode

Chris: Yo! Chris Mclean here, with a brand spanking new season of Total Drama! The producers found this wiki FULL, and I mean FULL of TD fans, so we will be giving them a chance to win a million big ones! Here comes the first boat with a expend- er...... contestant on it!

Sky steps off the boat with an electric guitar*

Sky: How's it hanging?

Chris: It's hanging Great! Nice guitar!

Sky: Thanks.

Sky walks to the other side of the dock*

Chris: And the next!

Pixel flips off the ship*

Pixel: HELLO!

Chris: Hi....

Pixel quickly rushes over to Sky*

Pixel: HI, I'M PIXEL!

Sky: The name is Sky....

They awkwardly shake hands*

GT steps off the ship, not saying a word, walks over to Pixel and Sky*

Chris: to step off, Miles!

Miles steps off*

Miles: Chris, I'm a big fan!

Chris: Awesome, dude!

Miles walks over to everybody*

Vesp steps off*

Vesp: Yo.

Chris: What's up, dude?

Vesp ignores Chris and walks to the group*

Chris:..... Anyways, because of time restrictions, we are introducing the rest of the contestants on one ship!

Trigger, Peace, LeTesla, Neo, Cipher, Clara, Gala, Legend, and Searingjet all step off the boat*

Trigger, Peace, LeTesla, Neo, Cipher, Clara, Gala, Legend, and Searingjet: Hi!

Chris: Alright, now that everyone is here, let's go to the dining hall!

Everybody goes to the dining hall*

Chris: Here is where you'll be served the finest of slop by Chef Hatchet.


Everybody gets in line, with Sky in front, Sky gets his food*

Sky: Um....... I thought you were supposed to KILL animals before serving them.

Chef gives Sky a death stare, Sky gulps and walks away*

Chris: Now, depending on which table you sit on, that will be the team you are on!

Chris: Sky, Neo, LeTesla, Pixel, GT, Peace, and Legend, you are now the Walking Slugs!

Neo: That's the best frikin' name you could make?


Neo sits back down*

Chris: Now, Miles, Vesp, Trigger, Cipher, Clara, Searing, and Gala, you are now the Drowning Beavers!

Vesp: That's so dumb......

Everyone finishes their food, even though they all wanted to vomit*

Chris: Now that you are finished eating, it's time for a challenge!

Everyone except Chris and Chef: Ugh.....

Everyone follows Chris into the forest*

Chris: Alright, campers, we have put SEVEN deer with Total Drama logos on them through-out these woods, your goal is too find them, the team to bring the most of these deer back to me, wins, and the losing team will have too vote out a member tonight!

Chris blows an air-horn, which means "Go!", Sky goes on his own, Peace, GT, Legend, and Pixel team up, and Neo and LeTesla team up, while all the Beavers stay together*

Sky: Alright...... how and where too bag a deer..... hm.......

*Begin confessional*


*End confessional*

Scene skips to Neo and LeTesla walking and looking around, where they see a deer with the logo*

Neo: *Gasps* How do we get it?

LeTesla: Like this.

LeTesla jumps on the deer as if it were a bull and starts to ride it, the deer runs around help-less until the deer runs into a tree and knocks it's-self out*

Neo: IS IT OK?!?!?!??!

LeTesla: Maybe, I'll take this deer back to Chris, you look for another.

Neo: Alright.....

LeTesla picks up the deer and starts walking back to Chris, while the camera shows Peace, GT, Legend, and Pixel*

Peace: So........ if we were all deer, where would we be?



Legend: I'd be in some sort of den.


Legend: Where are we gonna find a-

Pixel: I found a den!

Legend: Den....

They all go into the den, it's a bit cramped, but they find two fawns with logos inside*

Peace: Score!

Peace and Legend pull out the two fawns and carry them out and back to Chris, the scene then cuts to the Beavers*

*Start confessional*

Miles: So, my plan is too sabotage all my team, but I don't know how should go down in flames first, Captain Bland, 'Ladies man', I just can't decide.... MWAHAHAHHAHAHHA!

*End confessional*

Miles: Where should we look for deer?

Searing: Maybe by a river or stream?

Vesp: Nice idea.

They all go down to a small water stream where Miles sees a deer with the logo, but nobody else seems too notice*

*Start confessional*

Miles: Great, now we could win and I won't be able too vote off one of these suckers tonight!

*End confessional*

Out of nowhere, Neo jumps out and quickly grabs the deer and quickly runs away, nobody except Miles notices.*

*Start confessional*

Miles: Phew.

*End confessional*

Clara: I think we've spent enough time here, guys, thanks, SEARING!

Searing: Whoops.....

Suddenly, over some loud speakers Chris that the Slugs won 4-0, and that the Beavers have too meet him at the elimination circle.*

Gala: Ugh... I know who I'm voting for.

All the Beavers are at the elimination circle, and Pixel and Sky come over too watch*

Pixel: Who do you think is heading home?

Sky: Your guess is as good as mine, dude.

Chris: Now, Beavers, please, go inside the confessionals and say who you are voting for to the camera, as we will not be using marshmallows, but will be shown on this monitor too make things a little more juicy

Everybody votes*

Chris: Now, too show the votes.

Chris turns the monitor on*

Miles: Searing.

Clara: Searing, he, like, lost the challenge for us!

Gala: Searing for obvious reasons.

Vesp: That Clara girl didn't really do much, so I guess I vote her.

Cipher: I vote Myself, I feel bad that I didn't do anything!

Trigger: Searing, duh.

Searing: Hm....... Clara.

Chris turns the monitor off*

Chris: With four votes and the one going home tonight is..... Searing

Searing: Too bad I didn't get too know you guys that well.....

Sky: Later, dude!

Searing walks down the dock of shame, gets in the boat of losers, and sails away*

Chris: Will alliances be formed? What will the next challenge be? Who will be the next too walk down this rickety old dock and take a trip on the boat of losers? These questions and more answered next episode on, TOTAL. DRAMA. LMMCU!

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