Wiki Warriors is a video game made by RealGameTime.


  • TBA


Here are the list of classes that you can pick as the player of the game:

  • Knight
  • Mage
  • Trickster
  • Priest
  • Tinker
  • Bard
  • Gunner
  • Fighter
  • Monk
  • Cook
  • Shielder
  • Launcher

In the game, you will be able to choose your character as a boy or a girl. You will also be able to choose character customization options (hair, eye color, shirt, shoes, pants, nose, mouth, eyes, how tall, short, big, small, mustache, beard, glasses, beauty mark, lips, teeth, etc.) You will also be able to name the character anything as the "Choosen One" role. The player will be able to make choices in the game that affect gameplay.


  • Episode 1: The Fart Of A New Journey


In the game, main characters besides the player can help you in the game as buddies or teammates:

  • TBA

Each character will help you with their own attacks and such. They have their own specail powers that have their advantages and disadvantages. You can heal them and level up to make them stronger to take on the bad guys.


This is the list of characters that you can be friends with in the game.

  • TBA


  • The Internet
    • Website Tube Traveler Station
      • Fandom
      • Discord
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • DeviantArt
      • Google
      • Scratch
      • Tumblr
      • Reddit
      • Know Your Meme
      • Instagram
      • PayPal
      • eBay
      • Amazon
      • Rabbi.t
      • Snapchat

Gameplay Story

Episode 1: The Fart Of A New Journey


  • The game can be played on different modes (Easy, Hard, Intense, and Nightmare)
  • You can unlock additional content using select GameTime games like A Whole New Wiki, Edit All Day, All Night, and Game Breaker.
  • You can fight friends and random users online in arenas. Rank up and win the most points to win special prizes!


  • It is somewhat like South Park: The Stick of Truth and The Fratured But Whole mixed with some beat up gameplay, RPG, storytelling, choose your own path, dimensional traveling, Trigger triggering gamethingy.
  • This game will be on PS3, PS4, XBOX One, XBOX 360, and PC.

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