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Vesperal Studios collaborated with many toy and game brands in order to make merchandise based on their TV programs and movies.


Normal Sets

  • The LEGO Game-Changer Movie
    • The Game Begins (Game-Changer, Lara Croft, Mario, Creeper (x2), Steve)
    • Bowser's Castle (Bowser (Bigfig), Mario, Game-Changer, Lara Croft, Princess Peach, Goomba (x3))
    • Pac-Man's Maze (Game-Changer, Lara Croft, Mario, Pac-Man, Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde)
    • Skylands Showdown of ULTIMATE DOOM (Kaos, Spyro, Master Eon, Game-Changer, Lara Croft, Mario, Cyberdemon (Bigfig), Space Marine (x2)
    • Donkey Kong Jungle Battle (Game-Changer, Lara Croft, Mario, Donkey Kong (Bigfig))
    • Rooftop Chase (Ezio, Game-Changer, Lara Croft, Mario, Thief)
    • 2-Fort Fight (Scout (RED), Engineer (RED), Sniper (BLU), Pyro (RED), Demoman (BLU), Game-Changer (RED), Lara Croft (BLU), Mario (RED)
    • Sonic's High-Speed Showdown (Sonic, Dr. Eggman, Crash Bandicoot, Dr. Neo Cortex)
    • Battle of the Games (Sackboy, Game-Changer, Master-Chief, Sonic, King Pen (Big Fig))
    • Hunting for Ducks (Dog, Stealth Elf, Donkey Kong (Bigfig), Duck (x3), Crash Bandicoot)
    • GLaDOS's Chamber (Chell (Jumpsuit), Wheatley, Game-Changer, Turret (x3), GLaDOS (Brick-Built)
    • The Final Arcade Battle (The Arcadian, The TETRIS Master, Game-Changer, Lara Croft, Mario, Big Daddy (Bigfig))
  • The Adventures of Vesp
    • The Time Elevator (Vesp (Cowboy Outfit), Bob, GameTime, Marty, The Doom-Raider)
    • The Jolly Roger (Vesp (Pirate Outfit), Bob, Pirate Crew Member, Cannonball Operator, Captain Davy Smith)
    • Dracula's Castle (Vesp (Vampire Hunter Outfit), Marty (Vampire Hunter Outfit), GameTime (Vampire Hunter Outfit), Bob, Dracula, Ghosts (x2), Zombies (x2))
    • Pyramid Hunt (Vesp, Marty, GameTime, The Pharoah, Egyptian Guards)
    • Vesp's Lab (Vesp, Bob)
    • Victorian Era Escape (Vesp, Marty, GameTime, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Spring-Heeled Jack, Victorian Citizen (x2))
    • The Clock Tower Showdown (Vesp, Marty, The Doom-Raider (Warped Time Form))
  • The Adventures of Vesp: The Return
    • The Concert Escape (Vesp, Octavius Rift, Jaycee Staxx, Band Members (x3))


  • The LEGO Game-Changer Movie Story Pack (Game-Changer, TETRIS Block Mech, Arcade Toy Pad)
  • The Creature Hunt Level Pack (Jorgen Hellstrider, Basilisk and Creature Containment Case)
  • Vesperal Comics Team Pack (Split-Second, Futuristic Hoverboard, Leapfrog and Giant Frog Mech)
  • Vesperal Comics Fun Pack (Decoy and Decoymobile)
  • Vesperal Comics Fun Pack (Warp Swarm and Portal Gateway)
  • Agent Ghost Fun Pack (Agent Ghost and the S.S Mark 2)
  • Tales of Time Fun Pack (Detective Smith and Victorian Street Carriage)

Collectable Minifigures


Funko Pop

Vesperal Comics

Wave 1

  • Decoy
  • Split-Second
  • Leapfrog
  • Equinox
  • Game-Changer
  • Freefall
  • Were-Kong (6")

Wave 2

  • Miss Mystic
  • Warp Swarm
  • Doctor Warlock
  • Black Ice
  • Stretch

Wave 3

  • Villain Von Badguy III
  • Relic
  • Speed Demon
  • Challenger
  • Identity Thief
  • Ozone
  • Interchange


  • Split-Second (Running Pose) (SDCC Exclusive)
  • Interchange (Tornado Suit) (NYCC Exclusive)

The Adventures of Vesp

Wave 1

  • Vesp Funko POP!
  • Vesp Action Pose Funko POP!
  • Dracula Funko POP!
  • The Doom-Raider Funko POP!

Wave 2

  • Dr Jekyll Funko POP!
  • Mr Hyde Funko POP!
  • Cleopatra Funko POP!
  • Captain Davy Smith Funko POP!
  • Pirate Vesp With the Jolly Roger Funko POP! Ride

Wave 3

  • Spring-Heeled Jack Funko POP!
  • King Doomwarden Funko POP!
  • Mad Bull Tanner Funko POP!
  • K92-57 Funko POP!
  • The Doom-Raider (Warped Time Form) Funko POP!


  • Vesp (Vampire Hunter Outfit) with Bob (SDCC 2017 Exclusive) Funko POP!
  • Cowboy Vesp with Time-Travelling Elevator Funko POP! Ride (NYCC 2017 Exclusive)

Agent Ghost

  • Agent Ghost Funko POP!
  • Agent Laser Funko POP!
  • Agent Ghost (Mission Outfit) with the SS Mark 2 POP! Ride

The Creature Hunt

  • Jorgen Hellstrider
  • The Magical Madman
  • The Marshguard Leader
  • The Identity Thief
  • The Basilisk
  • The Termantula

Mystery Minis