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Vesp and GameTime is a comedy science fiction adventure film which takes place before TALOVAG's events and after TAOV.


In a world where Superman and E.T. exists, there were two very amazing people. One was Vesp, who was sent down to this world by planet Xadior, he had extreme knowledge and was a gr8 inventor. Then there was Jared, A gaming goofball who makes jokes about anything, Marty and Vesp nicknamed him GameTime. Anyways, these two very very amazing people were sent to Innovation Labs, a futuristic sort of place which had many things like a zombie machine, but they were controlled by Dr. Egghead Vincent Inigo Loco (E.V.I.L, his friends nicknamed him due to his long name). Vesp and GameTime must stop this evil genius from forcing people to go into Clone and Zombie machines!


  • Basically everyone from TALOVAG

Parents Guide

Sex and Nudity

  • Some sex jokes

Violence and Gore

  • Blood is seen from the zombies
  • in the final battle, Vesp grabs Dr. E.V.I.L. and throws him at a box of potions, making him more evil, Vesp than brings down the villain by choking him and with GameTime blasting him in the eye
  • Lots of blood


  • Many swears except for C***


  • NONE

Frightening Scenes

  • Dr. Evil looks scary


  • MPAA: R
  • TV: 14
  • PEGI: 16
  • ESRB: M
  • Common Sense Media: 15+