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Vesp is one of the main characters of The Mysteries of LMMCU High School and was one of the participants in The Doomed Life


In the start of the first season, he seemed like a cold and ruthless person who always wanted to win. He also wanted to be the man his father was, and doesn't think Gala is worthy of the Gaymerlight name. Though Vesp is cold, he still is protective of his sister. Somewhere around The Princess Ride and Super Suicide, he calms down himself and starts being a tiny bit nicer to everyone. After the first season, he realized how cold and ruthless he was, and seemingly committed suicide. He returns in Chapter 4 of Season 2. when he realizes *SPOILERS SPOILERS* was kidnapped, he also returns as a nice person though still using dirty tricks


  • Vesp drew inspirations from Miles Edgeworth, Byakuya Togami, Franziska Von Karma, and Lukas (MCSM).
  • Vesp was originally going to be remain cold until Miles thought a likable Vesp would be cuter.
  • He was born on March 18th, 1994