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Venturian Battle/Indiana Jones Crossover is a crossover of Venturian Battle and Indiana Jones.


Robert Jacob and co. go into an Amazonian temple, and find a variety of deadly traps. However, they find a treasure hunter in a fedora and a guy with a bowl cut, who turn out to be none other than Indiana Jones and Sapito, respectively. Indy and the knights escape (Sapito is not as lucky) and escape from Belloq and the Hovitos. The Jacobs and Indy must go on missions throughout the globe to uncover the Ark of Covenant, Orange Rock Globes, the Holy Grail, and most importantly, KICK SOME NAZI A*S.


Season One

  • Lost Temple
  • Into the Mountains
  • City of Danger
  • The Well of Ghosts
  • Pursuing the Ark
  • Opening the Ark
  • Shanghai Showdown
  • Palace Secrets
  • The Temple of Kali
  • Freeing the Savages
  • Escaping the Mines
  • Battle on the Bridge
  • The Hunt for Sir Richard
  • Stronghold Rescue
  • Naked Bike Escape
  • Trouble in the Clouds
  • Desert Ambush
  • Temple of the Grail

Season Two


Parents Guide (Season One)

Sex & Nudity

  • Hovitos' rears are exposed.

Violence & Gore

  • Characters are shot, impaled and beaten.
  • A group of soldiers are blown up at once.
  • Several Nazis are shot down and murdered.
  • Lots of gun play is depicted. All of it referring to terrorism, mild Nazism, and warfare.
  • Car chases are shown throughout.
  • Obviously no blood since this is Venturian Battle. But every episode does involve firearms, daggers, blades, bullwhips, fists, TNT, bananas, and several other weapons.
  • Violence is extremely mild and lacking in detail.
  • Injury and death are signified by characters falling or disintegrate entirely.
  • The episodes contain humored takes on violent scenes from the films, such as Nazis' faces melting and monkey brains served at dinner.


  • Around five sh*ts.


  • Indy is poisoned by Hyoscine.
  • Much drinking is seen at a bar.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • Like the films, several skeletons, bodies, and jump scenes are seen.
  • The episodes are pretty scary for children under 14.

Suggested MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some fantasy violence.



  • It is a full season long, and the shortest Venturian Battle season to date.