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Venture City Incognito is a city video game that will be released for the Nintendo Switch.


The game was first mentioned in Venturecru 2015, where it was said "Venture City Stories will have a no story, so it encourages the player to explore a wide variety of side stories and challenges."

The game was advertised in Venture in 2017. The advertisement takes up the screen. On the left, it shows a code, from which arrows fan out, pointing at a 3DS with the game, a computer monitor with the Venture website, and a computer monitor with the shop on the site. The right advertises the game itself, with an in-game snapshot. The game is scheduled to be released mid 2018 at latest. It will be created by 1001 Spears. The Game was officially confirmed to be in production on June 7th, 2017, at E3 2017 and will be available for Nintendo Switch, and the next Nintendo handheld.


Michael Sanders' first day back in Venture City gets off to an action packed start when a local gang robs Sakura Bank dressed as buskers.

The game begins with Michael and a fellow policeman running out of the Venture City police station in a hurry to get to the scene of a theft. After going through the city, they arrive at Sakura Bank at the scene of the burglary as a gang of Joker Thieves burst out attack the cops, one of them throwing confetti at a constable, knocking him over; another one tricks a lawman into smelling a flower on his jacket, only to spray water into the policeman's nose, and yet another tricks an inspector into shaking his hand while holding a joy buzzer, zapping the police officer into a crisp, with the last of the Joker Thieves escaping in an armored truck, only to have Michael Sanders chase him, knock down the car, and jail him.

After Mike apprehends the thieving jester, Rachel Turner tells him to go to Crimson Coffee Shop. He then goes there, gets on the roof, and looks for a kleptomaniac clown that had escaped from the cops after the bank larceny, but he cannot find any of the Joker Thieves. As such, Rachel gives him the Red Scan ability, which he uses to hunt down the busker shrew to a garden hut across the street from the coffee shop. There is a fence in between Mike and the lean-to, so he climbs over the fence, gets into the garden, and opens the lean to, only to have the Joker Thief escape through a window in the roof of the outhouse onto higher ground that Michael cannot get up to, prompting him to uses the blocks that are in the chamber to build a toadstool so he can ricochet up to the next part of the garden. The jester robber then runs off and climbs up a towering sunflower onto the highest part of the garden, then kills it. Mike then uses his Gumshoe Scan to follow hidden footprints that lead him to a valve wheel, which he then connects to a water pump that has a hose attached, and begins to turn it, only to find out there are objects preventing the water from going all the way through the hose. Mike then goes and smashes all the objects preventing the water from going through the hose, causing the hose to spay water all over a wall, making moss grow and allowing Mike to climb it to the highest part of the garden, where he finds the clown thief hiding in a dog kennel, which the absconder breaks out of, shatters a fence into the front garden of the house, then and runs onto the roads of Venture City where he is then chased and arrested by Sanders.


Name Image Abilities
Michael Sanders (Police)
Michael Sanders
  • Arrest characters
  • Walk along small surfaces
Micheal Sanders (Cosmonaut)
Michael Sanders (Freelance)
Casual Sanders
Michael Sanders (Repairman)
Construction Worker
  • Pneumatic Hammer
Michael Sanders (Firefighter)
Firefighter Mike
Michael Sanders (Miner)
Miner Mike 2
  • TNT
  • Smash open mounds of rocks
Michael Sanders (Kleptomaniac)
Klepto Mike 2
  • Crack open gates with pry bar
Joker Thieves
Rachel Turner
Rachel Turner
June Sanders
June Romanoff-0
Adolf Anger
Adolf Anger
Club Chav
Club Chav
Venture City Incognito Screenshot 32
TBA Officer
Venture City Incognito Screenshot 40
Random Cop
Random Cop


  • Crane
  • Panda Car
  • Cop Naked Bike
  • Repair Truck
  • Convertible

Press Statement

The Pursuit is On!

For the first time, Venture City from the hit cartoon Venturian Battle comes to life in Venture City: Incognito, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch console. Players assume the identity of Michael Sanders, a covert gumshoe armed with clever disguises. They are on an adventure to put a stop to the wicked Adolf Anger and end his crime wave in Venture City. As players run, drive and even fly through the city, they will use the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons as new police devices.


The Joy-Cons are woven seamlessly into the experience. Players use it to scan for hidden clues and criminals via the IR Camera, receive task updates, and place way-points on an overhead city map that displays their position in real time.

Experience Venture City like never before. Encounter familiar locations from the show come to life as players explore the colossal city, looking for clues to bring Adolf Anger to justice.

Players can go clandestine with a variety of disguises including a fireman, a builder, and even a thief and use their unique abilities to solve puzzles and access new areas of the city.

There are hundreds of vehicles for players to purchase and use to explore the city, including convertibles, motorcycles, and even airplanes.

Players can expect professionally voiced characters and pastiche to deliver the game’s story-line.


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