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so somewhere in June I was playing Minecraft Story Mode Episode 6, And wondered if LEGO and TellTale made a collab

In this game you control a minifigure known as Robin who has 6 variants to play as

Robin (Male|Variant 1) has a Classic Blue Spaceman sweater with a Ackbar hoodie. He has red hair

Robin (Male|Variant 2) has a white shirt with brick printing on it, And the dual mold on his arms are black he also has pants which he refers to as his "Lucky Pants". He has black hair

Robin (Male|Variant 3) has a Superman T-Shirt and a Spiderman cap, He has brown hair

Robin (Female|Variant 1) has pink hair and a blue jacket and blue pants

Robin (Female|Variant 2) has brown hair and a Green Ninja themed shirt.

Robin (Female|Variant 3) has black hair and a Wolverine style t-shirt.

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Season 1

In this season, Three losers team up with a badass miner to stop the Brickinator from taking out the bricks of the world, Piece by piece

Episode 1: Bricks and Studs

Episode 2: Stuck Between Forces

Episode 3: Spinning Ninjas, Spininjas, OR whatever

Episode 4: Girly Girls and Badass Space

Episode 5: Return of the Brick Squad

Season 2

In this season, The team go through various portals, in hopes of finding their way home

Episode 6: Murderers and Famous Cowards

Episode 7: Game World

Episode 8: The Power of Glory

Episode 9: The Key to Enchantment

Episode 10: The Bricking Dead

Season 3

Back in home, The team find out that a young minifigure has been lost, So now they must find him

Little do they know this is their last adventure..

Episode 11: Back Home

Episode 12: Mask of the Haunted

Episode 13: Who ya gonna call?

Episode 14: Lower Chances

Episode 15: The Epic Finale