Unknown: Columbus' Wealth is an action adventure movie by 1001 Spears. It is complete s**t.

Parent's Guide

Sex & Nudity

Occasional Flirting.

  • Bandy and Elise mildly flirt.

Violence & Gore

Strong Action Adventure Violence

  • Men are shot, but it lacks detail or gore. Some blood sprays.
  • Bandy beats people up with his fists and his gun. There is sometimes a snap when their bones break.
  • Bandy snaps people's necks and arms, but it is extremely quick and brief. You do know though that he did it and it is shown long enough.
  • No violence in the movie has any strong detail, but there is some blood spurts as Bandy battles his way through locations.
  • Unlike other movies where corpses disappear off screen, the corpses in this movie stay throughout.
  • Some bloody and violent scenes. One shows a man turn into a spawn of Cthulhu, then he gets shot in the middle of his forehead.
  • Some implied violence.
  • A man sinks to the bottom of the sea and drowns.


Mouthed use of strong language, frequent mild language.

  • Many uses of "as*", "sh*t", "d**n", "son of a b**ch", "b*st*rd", "hell", "G**d**n", "J**us Ch**st", and "Oh My G**". Bandy also mouths the F-bomb late in the movie. But you can't hear him say it. Also several uses of " crap "
  • Language is used in several if not all scenes of the movie not involving action. Action-related scenes have some language.
  • Bandy's preferred curse word is yelling "OH CRAP".


Scenes of Smoking

  • A main character smokes a cigar throughout the movie. Another character tells him that he should stop.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

Disturbing Images.

  • In one scene, man mutates (his eyes melt), he dashes toward another man, and he is shot through the head (a mist of blood is seen) Zombies are seen in several scenes, (they have no eyes and rotten flesh). Decaying men are seen in a German U-Boat. This could be extremely frightening.
  • The whole game is extremely intense as Bandy Columbus shoots enemies using pistols, machine guns, and sniper rifles.

MPAA Rating:

PG-13 for intense action violence throughout, some frightening images, and language.