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Trigger-0 is a character based on Trigger Happy the Gremlin in The Wikia Show.


Trigger-0 is a highly irritable tinkerer who lives in his smithy. As well as being an ironmonger, Trigger-0 obsesses over explosions and aggression, explaining why he normally holds explosives and has two laser rifles coming out of his abdomen. An accident in the past has led to him having have of himself missing, and replaced by eight mechanical spiky legs (it actually was not an accident, though; he chopped them off when he could not find WikiaDude12).

He is also a stoner in The Wikia Show. If he is not with WikiaDude12 he will shave his nipples. He is also a drug dealer, who does drugs with WikiaDude12, Skittle****, and Shock17.


  • He only appears when you Sniper Scope a Sliver LEGO Object.
  • He is one of few characters in LEGO 1001 Spears Vega that do drugs.