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Thinking With Portals is the 9th episode of Press Start.


Sky and Peace ring Miles's doorbell. He answers and they tell him that Sky got Portal 2. They head in with Chell and GameTime appears. GameTime try's to flirt with her, and it works. GLaDOS then comes and insults them, but Peace gets sent to chamber 100. GLaDOS decides to place turrets,so Sky decides to try and trick GameTime into killing himself, but GameTime just fantasizes about Chell, so Sky kills her. but Sky kills all but one, the one he saved was a friendly turret, he names it Tim. GameTime kills Tim, but tells Sky that it was just a decoy and he was joking. Sky then finds a book on the ground about sidekicks, where Miles get's Sonic and Sky revives Chell for GameTime. Meanwhile Peace finally makes it out of chamber 100, but is now in chamber 9001, but Tim blasts down the wall and let's Peace escape. They then go to fight GLaDOS and get cake, Peace rips out her core and GameTime puts in the space core, which frees Wheatly and he asks if there is any way to re-pay them, and they say cake. Wheatly agrees and says they have to leave first, but he acts sketchy and they leave.