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The iNinjago Movie 2 (also known as iNinjago: The Movie 2) is the upcoming sequel to iNinjago: The Movie to be released in 2019.


The characters from iNinjago: The Movie will return plus...

  • WC Sunamaru as WC Sanamaru
  • Dr Aidan Quinn as Aidan
  • Damien The Comment Guy as Damien
  • Coolot1 as Coolot
  • Jadhostgamer072 as JadHost
  • GazzaB9 as Gary

Characters from LEGO Online Odyssey will appear as well, including...

  • pip9766 as Pip
  • LordTigress as LordTigress
  • AwesomePythor/AmazingPythor as AwesomePythor
  • lostjedimaster as LostJediMaster
  • Dimensons as Dimensons
  • lukeyprater as LukeyPrater
  • Marcel77799 as Marcel
  • kingwja/Kingwja as Kingwja
  • TenkaiLion as TenkaiLion
  • Angryunikitty04 as AngryUnikitty
  • LedgendoNinjago as LedgendoNinjago
  • StrandD as StrandD
  • Raku405 as Raku

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