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The World of High School: A Crappy Start is a comedy adventure film directed by Marty.


Hey, My name is Marty Miles, just call me Marty. and I'm a 9th Grader, which is bullcrap. Ya see? This isn't like any other fanctastic (Fancy and Fantastic) high school. Alex Morton High is the worst school I've been in, Principal Morton is a child abuser and a psychopath. According to Mrs. Conner, he K-I-L-L-E-D Mrs. Conner's parents and brothers and sisters! Then the b--ch kidnapped Mrs. Connor and raised her in a crappy way. Well, I F---ING HATE THIS NIGHTMARE........ And I WILL put a stop to it (Maybe?)


Parents Guide

Warning: This article contains spoilers

Sex and Nudity

  • Marty and Brendan spot a boy standing next to a girl saying "wanna have sex?" but then the girl slaps the guy
  • Zach teases a girl by telling a bunch of sex jokes
  • While the crew are breaking into school, Jared spots a girl's boobs and says "booooooooooobs" but Marty looks at Jared and says "Jared, you ok?"
  • A bunch of sex jokes are made

Violence and Gore

  • Marty defends Skittles by punching Benny. Benny gets mad and then a fist fight starts
  • A girl slaps a guy
  • In a flashback, Morton is seen breaking into the Connor's house and murdering. However, during the stabbing it is off screen
  • Morton abuses kids by making them drink piss
  • In the final fight, Marty and Morton fight and then Marty knocks Morton over some chemicals which spills in his face, causing half of his face to turn jelly red but this is only seen when Morton falls into the "Decapitater"


  • F--k (Three times)
  • S--t
  • B-tch
  • D--k
  • Pu--y (Once)

And others


  • Marty is threatened by Benny to drink the beer. But Benny is stopped by Morton when Marty is about to grab the beer can
  • Nathaniel ignores the "No Smoking" rule and smokes, causing the fire alarm to go off and resulting in Nathaniel getting detention for 7 months
  • Luke gets drunk alot it may seem like he is taking drugs

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • Morton with his half jelly red face falling into the "Decapitater" may seem scary for young viewers

MPAA: R ESRB: T PEGI: 12 TV: TV-14 Common Sense Media: 15+


  • This movie was announced in Martycon.