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The Wiki We Deserve! Is a video game by Sky Studios.


a group of users have joined on the LMMCU and LD wiki, but it turns out they are really trolls! Help Sky by proving his friends innocent and enemies guilty!


  • Miles, the attorney
  • Sky, the judge.
  • LeTesla as LeTesla von Karma, the prosecutor
  • GameTime, the first innocent you have to protect.
  • Supah_dude01, the first troll you prove guilty in game.
  • Trigger, the second innocent you have to defend.
  • McDawg06, the second guilty troll.
  • Peace, the third innocent .
  • U GUYZ SUCKK, the third troll.
  • Pixel, the fourth innocent.
  • YO_MAMA!, the gang leader.
  • Vesp, the fith and finale innocent you have to prove innocent, he almost gets locked up, but you save him.

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