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The Truth

I am the true PixelFox666 and that person you trusted is a fake and hacker he is the one who hacked Benny you should ban him! Let me tell you about Pixel

April 16th 2015

When i was 12 years old i really wanted to join wiki eventually i did and then i was banned for some weird reason.I was known back then as thetruepokemonmaster i only made a few edits until i went inactive for a longtime later in 2016 i was banned because i assulted Community Central when i found out about this i found out there was a person named TheTruePokemonMaster was being nice and impersonating me.After reading problems from this guy named LegoBennyTheBrick3 and how he got hacked i found out that he was being hacked by the same person that was hacking me.I dont know who hacked me but he lives in New York just like i do.Also he is very cunning at making up lies and he has some sock accounts named PixelFox666 and GalaGamer they are all his sock accounts BAN THEM BOTH!

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