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The Trigger Movie is Trigger's try at a user based movie.


Something with wikis, tabbies, tables, Long Cat, tachyon, tackle shops, tacos, tadpoles, taffies, tail sitters, tall ships, tambourines, Tam O, tanagers, tandem bikes, tandem buses, tandem rotors, tandem wings, tanks, tankers, tank ships, tank tops, tank transporters, tank trucks, tan oaks, tapioca, tap taps, tarantulas, tarot readers, tarts, and Tasmania Devils. In a nutshell; T the Movie.

Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

  • After being abducted by a flying saucer, Jedi finds himself naked with a cow, implied he had raped it.
  • A chamber with somebody defecating in it is wrecked (he is depicted naked).

Violence & Gore

  • A skyscraper is hit by a heavy iron ball on a crane, however, this does nothing, and the ball simply splits in half. A million kegs full of bombs are used, but nothing happens, either. Cipher, while conversing, loudly farts, which causes some rather major damage to the building. The demolition men hire us to help demolish the tower, and we cause all sorts of damage, such as screaming and farting to smash it and using blunt weaponry to shatter the pillars. Eventually the skyscraper falls to the ground, reduced to ruin.
  • Brendan, Miles, Jared, and Jason trash a hostel, prompting the supposed owner to summon a Tyrannosaurus Rex Guard to chase after them, shattering a chamber somebody is defecating in (the user is impaled through the head by some debris. They then get away on a getaway vehicle Luke is driving. They are then chased by pterodactyls and other dinosaur creatures. Eventually, electricity knocks down a tree and saves our heroes from death.
  • While at a medieval fortress, monsters attack, using blades, pole arms, darts, and catapults. We fights back using clay mores, and kill all of the creatures. A giant troll also eats the head of one of the smaller ones (off screen), after getting tired of chasing a turkey leg held over his head by a bullwhip.
  • Stomping Bob decapitates Monekyspider. No wound detail or blood is shown, as Monekyspider survives and simply grows his legs back out of his head.
  • Spiderowman's spiders are crushed by Stomping Bob (blue intestines are depicted). Spiderowman slowly explodes into arachnids as the spiders are killed, before finally exploding into even more spiders.
  • Ghosts explode people's heads for the brains (we see the blood splatter).


  • 81 uses of the expletive "f**k".


  • Some substance use; sleeping pills are taken, with the effects of vision distortion and hallucination included.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • The octopus attack on the pirate ship is rather horrifying, with lots of deaths depicted.
  • The haunted house scene is likely to terrify viewers, as the visitors' heads are exploded, coupled with the ghosts' already frightening appearance.

Rated R for language, vulgar humor, and some terror.