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Spongebob-The Spooky Macabre Theme

The Spooky Macabre is an organization of four skulls: Red Skull, Blue Skull, Boner Skull, and Burn Skull.


Red Skull is racist to racist people, Blue Skull is racist to suffocating people, Boner Skull is racist to people with boners, and Burn Skull is racist to African Americans.


Not much is known about The Spooky Macabre. However, one day they all met and formed a village. One day, Brendan met them while dancing like he was tripping at school. The Spooky Macabre and Brendan formed an alliance, and have since been watching over the LMMCU Wiki and telling Brendan what they think, without ever joining the wiki. Currently, the only information Brendan has revealed is they want RealGameTime to be a bureaucrat.


  • There is a movie based on them called Shade of the Damned.
  • Brendan has told them that "Spooky" and "Macabre" mean the exact same thing, and they told him they were originally going to be called the "Spooky Cobwebs", except they use skulls instead of spiders.

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