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The Shadypuff Girls is Cartoon Network's third attempt at reviving The Powerpuff Girls, after the anime and the amazingly crafted 2016 reboot. However, someone at CN had the idea of basing it off memes. Now, the greatest show of all time has been born, and it is The Shadypuff Girls (also titled Powerpuff Girls Go! in Europe).


Memes, water, and narwhal parts. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little memesters. But Professor Poppin' accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction-- Chemical 69! Thus, The Shadypuff Girls were born! Using their ultra-cringeworthy memes, Dank, Impact, and Fidget have dedicated their lives to fighting normies and the forces of Trump!


Professor Poppin' (full name Jimbo Poppinsky) was a scientist who lived in the city of England. One day, he realized that he was lonely, so he used water, memes and narwhal parts to make his own children. But he accidentally poured Chemical 69 into his machine, which created the Shadypuff Girls. These girls represented three types of memes, and their names were Dank (representing MLG memes), Impact (representing old, 2010 memes) and Fidget (representing cringy memes). Rather than being a good, action-packed show, most episodes are slice-of-life, unfunny sitcoms. The only action-packed episodes are the premiere and the finale, but CN insists that these are the worst episodes as stated by fans (even though ALL the fans say otherwise). CN has also cancelled Steven Universe and Young Justice (again) so that they could fill their entire schedule with The Shadypuff Girls. After three seasons, Cartoon Network was forced into bankruptcy by what they call a terrorist group but is in fact actually just the CIA, just because the show was so awful. The main villains of the show are Behind the Him (a combination of Him and Behind the Meme) and Clinton Hillarton (Mojo Jojo and Hillary Clinton). No other villain ever shows up. Ever. Also, they kill off Professor Poppin'.


  • Mike Myers - Dank
  • Sean Bean - Impact
  • Mishovy "Misha" Silenosti - Fidget
  • Jake Paul - Professor Poppin' (Season 1)
  • Nick Crompton - Professor Poppin' (Seasons 2 and 3)
  • Behind the Meme - Behind the Him
  • Hillary Clinton - Clinton Hillarton
  • Ian Carter - Mayor of England
  • Ethan Samuel "Sammy" Thomas - Narrator
  • Tessa Brooks - Bliss, the Needed Shadypuff Girl
  • Bo Burnham - Every other character

Notable Episodes

Episode Name Episode Desciption Episode Number
Clinton Hillarton's Revenge "The Shadypuff Girls are extremely shocked when Clinton Hillarton steals their personality, so they are mundane forever. Never again is this episode mentioned." S1E1
The Best Shows Ever "Everybody's most favourite Cartoon Network shows collide into one! The main characters of Ben 10 (the remake), Shadypuff Girls, Teen Titans Go! and Uncle Grandpa Go! are put into a team led by the Problem Solverz to fight off the main villain who totally isn't a representation of the angry fans of our good shows that we cancelled for all of these."


(of Problem Solverz)

Behind the Dream "Behind the Him is the only character with personality and actual goals, so the Shadypuff Girls resurrect Bliss with a MacGuffin to destroy him! But Bliss came back wrong; her hair dark, eyes blood red, skin as pale as My Chemical Romance, she lost even more personality! Can the Shadypuff Girls win?" S3E25
Dream the Behind "Because Bliss is so powerful, she instantly defeats Him with a single punch. The entire episode is just the credits, while the main characters dance to a totally not useless or annoying pop song called "Dab Your Way Through Your Problems" by Danielle Cohn, singer of the amazing song Marilyn Monroe. S3E26

NOTE: This article is ENTIRELY satirical, and is based on all the Cartoon Network stereotypes that have formulated due to shows such as Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10 (reboot), The Powerpuff Girls (reboot), Dude What Would Happen?, Destroy Build Destroy, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Problem Solverz, Mighty Magiswords and more.

NOTE 2: This article is under construction.

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