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The Searing Movie a upcoming movie produced by Searing Studios. It focuses on the website, Wikia, but eventually goes into other wikis and even non-wikis.


Searing, a bureaucrat on LEGO Dimensions Wiki, takes a vacation to Uncylopedia, where he meets a dark being called Dark Guy, who threatens to destroy all of the wikis. To prevent this, Searing must team up with all of his friends and venture beyond Wikia, and even outside wikis.



  • Searing - The main protagonist of the film who uses gloves which have powers similar to Green Lantern's ring. He also is the Co-owner of LEGO Dimensions Wiki, along with Mari.
  • GameTime - A friend of Searing who also happens to be a swordsman, wielding a large sword called Fate.
  • Miles - The founder of LMMCU, and another friend of Searing. He is the inventor of many technology the rest of the heroes use, and he himself uses a scythe similar to the one owned by Ryuk in Death Note.
  • Trigger - A friend of Searing who is known for creating Scooby Dooby Hickey. He wields a Tommy Gun.
  • Sky - A user who wields a remote allowing him to transport himself into any fictional media, like video games, films and TV shows.
  • Jago - A user who is experienced in the art of Spinjitzu, a technique most famously used for unscrewing giant screws, but is primarily intended for offence.
  • Pixel - A user who is a big fan of Fire Emblem, and can turn into a kitsune, or a demon.
  • Trail - A user who can use fire in attacks, turn into a floating fireball, and use Doctor Strange-like powers.
  • Peace - A user who is a knight, fighting with the Peace Sword.
  • Shade - A user extremely obsessed with memes who is also the king of Atlantis.
  • Red Shogun - A user who is a shogun, and is iNinjago's best friend.
  • AnthonyM - A user who frequently travels between universes, hanging out in The Searing Movie's universe during the film's events. Only Searing knows he's from a another universe, however.
  • Vesp - A time traveler user who is also GameTime's former roommate.
  • Flakey - A user who is a feline millitary general. He is also the creator of E.L. Wallace.
  • Dr. Aidan Quinn - A user who has abilities similar to a Power Ranger.
  • Dap - A user who has a gun which can replace the memories of someone with anyone's memories, even the victim's own.
  • Jimbo Wales - A user who is the founder of Wikipedia. He helps Searing fight Dark Guy after he attacks the Wikimedia Headquarters.
  • Xsizter - The founder of LEGO Dimensions Wiki who is contacted by Searing to help fight Dark Guy.
  • Mari - A user who is the co-owner of LEGO Dimensions Wiki.
  • Cyber - A user stuck in the Wiki Jail who is allowed to be unblocked in return for helping fight Dark Guy.

Other Users

  • Raven - A user generated by Pixel. Raven can fly with her black wings, she also has magical powers.
  • Gala - A user generated by Pixel before the events of the film, seen in the Wiki Jail. She is soon recruited to help fight Dark Guy and his army.
  • AD -  A user who had died prior to the events of the film, but was revived as a zombie.
  • Monkey - A user who happens to be a monkey with ender powers, which are similar to the Endermen.
  • Cipher - A user who has somewhat of a flatulence problem, and is Benny friend.
  • Benny - A user who is friends with Cipher, and gets turned into E.T. at the end of the film.
  • WC Sunamaru - A user who wields a screwdriver that can break glass using sonar waves.
  • Trojan - A time traveler user who accompanies Vesp on his time travelling adventures.
  • Destiny - A user who has psyhic powers, and uses a oversized hammer.
  • Fun - A user who has alot of knowledge about cartoons, and has a laser gun that can turn anyone it shoots into a 10-year-old for 10 minutes.
  • Kiddie - A user who is a big fan of Angry Birds Stella, and is able to use a Pickaxe to mine objects.


  • Dark Guy - The man antagonist of the film, who is much more dangerois than his name suggests.
  • Tyro - A user who is stuck in the Wiki Jail but released by Dark Guy, who is Searing's and formerly Xsizter's arch-enemy.
  • Stone - A user who dislikes custom LEGO video games who was released from the Wiki Jail by Dark Guy.
  • Andy - A user who attempts to create hoax LEGO Dimensions Years and Sequels who was released from the Wikia Jail by Dark Guy.
  • Bio-Mech Matthew Riley - A user who hoped that LEGO City: Undercover would have a Story Pack, who is Shade's arch-enemy.
  • Dunju - A user who is Trigger's arch-enemy.
  • SuperKilla - Trail's arch-enemy who was released from the Wiki Jail by Dark Guy.
  • Hacker AnthonyM - A clone of AnthonyM with red eyes, who helps Dark Guy.
  • Willy on Wheels - Jimbo's arch-enemy, who was stuck in the Wiki Jail but released by Dark Guy.
  • SmashupMashups - TBA


  • Dad Bot - A bot known for making dad jokes.
  • Dyno - A bot who is most often used to host Rock-Paper-Scissors matches.
  • Mee6 - A bot who looks very similar to Mr. Meeseeks from Rick and Morty.

Other Characters

  • Dark Searing - A clone of Searing who operates the Wiki Jail.
  • Fat Albert - A LMMCU meme who is mentally disabled and has diabeetus. He can stuff enemies in his stomach to get worse diabeetus.


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