The PixelFox Movie 4 is the 4th and final installment in the saga.


Pixel is now the leader of the LMMCU but the job is incredibley stressful.On a trip to a diffrent wiki Pixel runs into someone from his past that leads him to a new world called Discord.Discord is so much better the wiki in every way so Pixel is tempted to stay there..Can Pixel's friends take Pixel back to lead the wiki or will they lose a friend and a wiki?


PixelFox666 as Pixel-The new leader of the LMMCU a hyperactive cat person who loves to listen to music.

Skylanderlord3 as Sky-An admin of the LMMCU one of Pixel's best friends.

RejectX7 as Raven-Pixel's girlfriend on discord

RealGameTime as GT-The ghostly admin of the LMMCU and another one of Pixel's best friends.

MilesRS667 as Miles-Marty's son who plans to avenge his father..

Searingjet as Searing-A chat moderator.

Trailblazer101 as Trail-A newcomer to the LMMCU

Eya04 as Eya-Pixel's sister who goes on discord alot

Trigger Happy the Gremlin as Trigger-The edit champion

Humplerumph as Toko-One of Pixel's friends on Discord who is part of the Lilly of the Valley Brigade

Soul as Twill-One of Pixel's other friends on discord who is bisexual

Chris Hondedge as Chris-The swordsmaster of the Lilly Of The Valley Brigade

SmartGuyAlex as Alex-The Leader of the Lilly of The Valley Brigade.

Full Plot

The movie starts off in a metal chamber with My Songs Know what you did in the dark playing.Pixel tells a squadron of people in blue armor to get the red gem.Pixel and his team fight off people in red armor as Pixel stabs them and shoots them.Pixel runs along doing this until he is shot in the side by a guy in red armor Pixel charges at him and his cat-like reflexes take him out.Pixel eventually emerges in a large open chamber with a person with wolf-ears standing front of him.Pixel pulls out his sword as the wolf-person who introduces himself as Drackal.Pixel jumps at Drackal as Drackal deflects his sword Drackal and Pixel have a major sword-fight until Pixel finally beats him picking up the red gem as the metal chamber colalspes revealing to be a stadium as the auidence cheers as Pixel and the rest of blue team are hailed as heroes.Drackal stands up and high-fives Pixel saying that was a good fight.Pixel walks into the stands and goes to Raven and kisses her on the cheek as Raven congratulates him on the win as they hold hands walking out into the bright world of discord as the words

THE PIXELFOX MOVIE 4 flash onto the screen

6 months earlier

Pixel and Benny are sitting on the porch of Pixel's house.In the middle of there conversation Benny tells Pixel that he is moving to Youtube.Pixel shocked asks why and Benny tells him that he got a job there.Pixel saddened asks if Benny will ever come back.Benny says maybe but he promises to visit.Pixel and Benny have a final laugh as the camara flashes too the Train station where Benny is leaving Pixel,Sky,GT and Miles are all waving bye to him.

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