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Dis story is not canon because alot of people die and stuff also this is for Marty's Halloween Story Contest also this is after Pixel turns good.


The gang goes to a Haunted House but they get locked in by Zemo.They must survive 8 hours inside of this house but there are somethings that should be left hidden inside the toy chest

Full Plot

Everyone finishes there day at Frick High School.Vesp,GameTime,Marty,Trigger,Neo,E.T and Pixel all are walking out of schol.Pixel then shows everyone that there is a local haunted house.Everyone agrees to go but Vesp is a bit skeptcial. some people are also bringing there Girlfriends.Marty is bringing Clara,GameTime with Tiffany,Vesp with Bailey and Pixel with Gala.But little do they know that Zemo is stalking them.

They all enter the haunted house nobody else is there with them.They look around for a second and here the door slam on them! They hear Zemo laugh and they realize that it is 12:00 AM so they will just wait until somebody comes to find them