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The LEGO LMMCU Ninja Movie is a LEGO movie made by Miles.


Lord Trigger wants to take over the world with his emojis but Jimmy Wales assembles a group of ninjas to stop him.


  • Miles (Based on Lloyd), the chosen one who is the son of Lord Trigger.
  • GameTime (Based on Kai), the hothead of the group.
  • Pixel (Based on Jay), the inventor who has a crush on Raven.
  • Searing (Based on Cole), the buffalo muscle of the group.
  • Trail Blazer (Based on Zane), a robot made by Pixel.
  • Raven (Based on Nya), GameTime's sister.
  • Master Wales (Based on Wu), the sensei of the group
  • Lord Trigger (Based on Garmadon), The evil guy
  • Sky (Based on Skylor) the orange ninja
  • iNinja (Based on Lil Nelson), the purple ninja


  • This movie will get a Videogame known as The LEGO LMMCU Ninja Movie Video Game

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