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The LEGO Blazer Movie is an upcoming LEGO film created by Trailblazer101 and Trail Blazer Studios. It focuses on a brand-new made up storyline of action and adventure and will be released on September 10, 2018 in North America, September 12, 2018 Worldwide and September 21, 2018 on Blu-Ray and DVD.

It will be followed by one sequel, The LEGO Blazer Movie 2. It also has a few spin-off TV series, Trail Blazer: The Series, LEGO Dimensions Wikia: The Story of the Staff, and On the Trail.


Trail Blazer is a new user to Wikia and has stumbled upon the LMMCU Wikia Universe. He's befriended the staff and became one of them now, all learning that they have special mutant powers. However, he has accidentally, unknowingly brought the evil overlord, Lord Blox to the Wiki whom intends on destroying it and taking it over! It is up to Trail Blazer and his newfound mutant friends to stop an all-out Wikia War and save their friends, or no one will be able to make their own projects ever again!



Cast and Characters


  • This film takes inspiration from both The LEGO Movie and The GameTime Movie.
  • The film was originally planned to be titled The LEGO Blazer Comics Movie and The LEGO Trailblazer Movie during early development.
  • This film is actually based on my scrapped Blazer Comics LEGO theme which I made on Brickipedia. Trail Blazer, Morph, Blizzard, Shado and Lord Blox all originated from it, except there were some major changes to the characters.
    • Morph's, Blizzard's and Shado's actors remain only credited as "Friend #1", "Friend #2" and "Friend #2" due to them being friends from my actual school who don't want their real names given out, don't have Wikia accounts, and have forgotten about Blazer Comics entirely.
  • "Blox Henchman" was just a placeholder name for the Mørks. Mørk is Danish for "dark".
    • Additionally, the Blox General who is one of the "Blox Henchmen" has been scrapped and replaced by Shado.
  • All of the characters will be created by me using LEGO Digital Designer, with most of the designs being my own and some being the user's preference.
  • The film is currently going through a change in plot. Due to this, there has been delayed releases set up in case the film doesn't get finished at the intended time. Most likely it will, but it's just there for measures.

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