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The LEGO Blazer Movie is an upcoming 2018 action-adventure superhero science fiction comedy film, developed by Warner Bros. Animation, The LEGO Group, Animal Logic, and Trail Blazer Studios, and distributed by Warner Bros. The film is directed, written, produced, and composed by Trailblazer101.

The film will be released on October 26, 2018, for the World Premiere, September 7, 2018, in North America, September 14, 2018, internationally, December 7, 2018, for Digital HD, and December 21, 2018, for Blu-Ray and DVD, and spawned one sequel, The LEGO Blazer Movie 2 in 2020, with another planned sequel, The LEGO Blazer Movie 3, as well as one spin-off TV series, On the Trail in 2019.


On a journey throughout the Internet, Trail Blazer, a newbie to it all, has stumbled upon a place called Wikia. There, he finds the LMMCU, which is a place where anyone can create anything they want. Trail befriends the residents of LMMCU and even becomes one of their staff. However, unknowingly, Trail accidentally brought forth the evil overlord, Lord Blox, to LMMCU, and he plans on inserting viruses all throughout the internet. It is up to Trail Blazer and his newfound friends to stop the evil overlord, overcome the viruses, and save the whole world-wide-web before it all becomes corrupt.





  • The film was originally planned to be titled The LEGO Blazer Comics Movie and The LEGO Trailblazer Movie during early development.
  • This film is loosely based on the now-scrapped LEGO Blazer Comics series which originated on Brickipedia. Trail Blazer, Morph, Blizzard, Shado, and Lord Blox all originated from it, except there were some major changes done to the characters in the film.
  • The film takes place in the same universe as The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Batman Movie, and The LEGO Ninjago Movie films.
  • The actors of Morph, Blizzard, and Shado are credited as "Friend #1", "Friend #2", and "Friend #3" respectively due to them not wanting their real names given out.
  • During early development of the film, the Morks were referred to as the "Blox Henchmen", which was simply a placeholder name.
    • The name Mork is derived from "Mørk", which is the Danish word for "dark".
    • Additionally, the Blox General who was one of the "Blox Henchmen" has since been scrapped and has had his role in the film replaced by Shado.
  • All of the characters will either be created using LEGO Digital Designer, Mecabricks or will be drawn out.





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