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The Incredible Journey is a fantasy movie released on July 18th, 2016.


An asteroid crashes in Los Angeles, waking up thirteen-year-old lad Nester. While cops investigate the area, Nester meets his arrogant and frightened neighbor, Pedro Miles. Pedro wakes up Nester after his younger brother, Pubert. After finding him, a bee appears from the comet, telling Nester about the cosmic destroyer alien Geezer who seeks to have the galaxy, and how he's come desperately from the future in an effort to find him, for he is one of the Chosen Four who are able to stop Geezer. As the bee indicates, Nester now needs to find eight sanctuaries to unite his power to the Earth's, collecting melodies from said sanctuaries in the Volume Rock,. Despite the shield the insect creates to protect the party, from an attacking Mini Automaton, which proves to be extremely useful, the bee dies a moment later, by the hands of Pedro's mom, who mistakes him for a dung beetle.

After battling the local mafia known as Crimson Jackal Syndicate and their leader Jade Bloodrop, Nester gains access to the Huge Stair. He then continues to the city of Mililani Town, after having to face Captain Tough and his police, and goes to the McCartys Neighborhood to save the kidnapped Pauline. Nester then knows the people who had kidnapped the girl, the Ebony Origin, as they called themselves, were guided by Mr. Connors, and also assisted by the now evil Pedro Miles. Defeating Connors, Nester and Pauline find out he had been controlled by a gold statue, the Evil Supreme Word statue, and everything in the neighborhood turns back to normal again. Both kids meanwhile discover Ittibitti Stairs, the second sanctuary.

Mister Elvis, a burglar found in the Thief Park in Mililani Town, met by Nester earlier, offers him a wad of bills, which he uses to free the band who performs in the local theater, the Grand Shrine, from a debt. With the help of their noisy bus, the children go through the tunnel, safe from the ghosts there, and reach the third city, Rockwell. However, they soon discover the city is the one infested with zombies. Soon, Nester and Pauline are captured by the walking dead, and must find help from someone else. At this time, Pauline sends a telepathic message to Jeffrey, who is faraway in the northern city of Wiscasset.

Jeffrey comes in a space shuttle his father, Dr. Andreas, invented just in time to save Nester and Pauline from their cell. The group is assisted by the young genius called Fruit Kid, met by Nester in Mililani, which gives them a device called Undead Paper, a sticky trap used to capture the living dead. This lets the party proceed to Honeydew Falls and Neptune Valley, a town habitated by strange creatures collectively known as Mister Neptune. There, they learn a creature known as Master Flatulence is the responsible behind Rockwell's zombies, and has, too, kidnapped and enslaved some Mr. Neptune. The group enters his factory and defeats him, freeing the population of both Neptune Valley and Rockwell. Above the valley, Nester, Pauline and Jeffrey find the third sanctuary, Milk Well.

Parent's Guide

Sex & Nudity


  • A character is implied to be gay. This has been admitted to be true by Brendan, the film's director, writer, and producer.
  • One woman asks Nester if he has any grandchildren. Nester lies "Yes", and she believes him and laments the state of "Kids these days!".
  • The mom of famous Platform Down Improve singer Venus talks to Nester about her daughter doing a photo shoot and states "I sure hope she kept her clothes on this time."
  • Nester is shown completely naked in the Magic world. Nothing graphic is seen save for a pair of buttocks.

Violence & Gore

  • The entire movie is based around fighting hostiles, but not much violence is ever really shown.
  • Crimson Jackal Syndicate kidnaps Pauline, saying they're going to make her a human sacrifice.
  • It is implied that a character in the movie gets shot and dies.
  • In one scene, Poo is going through training where his arms and legs must be torn off. SPOILERS: Nothing is seen. It turns out to be an illusion.
  • A character tells another character that she will "smash his intestines out."
  • There is blood on a few of the characters.
  • It is implied that a dad beats his kids.
  • The kids crash a space shuttle twice. They are never hurt by this though.
  • SPOILERS: The main antagonist of the movie represents a rape and an abortion. The dialogue is based off of a rape, as the villain says things "It hurts..." and the outline of a fetus is seen in it's final form.
  • There are many living piles of barf.
  • Nester and Pauline are attacked by a horde of zombies. SPOILERS: They turn into ghosts, but survive.
  • SPOILERS: Two kids murder an alien in a department store. The alien dies, but it is not graphic.



  • Two uses of "sh*t".
  • Various offensive/abusive/antagonizing language all throughout.
  • Ambivalent usage of mild toilet humor ranging from tasteful to overdone, in particular references to someone "wetting their pants".


  • Characters are drunk.
  • A man asks another man if he'd like to go get a drink. It could be implied that they are getting an alcoholic drink.
  • There is a scene where a woman gives the kids "enchanted cake." When they eat it, the world turns violet and melts. It is not implied that the cake is drugged.
  • There are several acid trip-like scenes in the movie, specifically Magic word and Moonyside, but they always turn out to be dreams/illusions.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • The hostiles are scary or frightening to young children, especially the main antagonist of the film, Geezer, who is EXTREMELY disturbing looking, along with the music accompanying him. This battle has been disputed as the scariest moment in movie history.
  • There is a cult in the movie consisting of strange blue people, which may disturb some viewers.

Recommended for older kids.

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for fantasy violence, some scary images, and suggestive material.