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The GameTime Movie Costume Pack and Level Kit are Downloable Content for LittleBigPlanet. The packs provide new costumes, materials, decorations, objects, a new dynamic loading background, music, sounds, and the TBA powerup.

The GameTime Movie Level Kit

  • RealGameTime Costume (Sackboy)
    • RealGameTime Hair
    • RealGameTime Eyebrows
    • RealGameTime Devil's Collar Hoodie
    • RealGameTime Jeans
    • RealGameTime Sneakers
    • RealGameTime Excalifate Sword
  • Wikia Central Background
  • TBA Powerup

The GameTime Movie Costume Pack

  • King Phantom Costume (Little Toggle)
    • King Phantom Crown
    • King Phantom Cape
    • King Phantom Head
    • King Phantom Eye
    • King Phantom Skin
    • King Phantom Claws
    • King Phantom Feet
    • King Phantom Wings
    • King Phantom Tentacles
    • King Phantom Staff
  • Captain Botsman Costume (Little Toggle)
  • Grimswald Anarchid Costume (Big Toggle)
  • The Hacker Sackboy Costume
  • Spot Costume (OddSock)
  • Winged Phantom (Swoop)

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