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"It’s Game-Time To Fight For The Future."
―The GameTime Movie’s tagline

The GameTime Movie a upcoming movie produced by GameTime Studios and LMMCU. It will be released on November 2018. It focuses on the internet site, Wikia by Fandom in the so called, Webiverse.


After his life turns for the worse, GameTime leaves his (real) world behind and sets off in the internet world to find a home(page). He then becomes hated and judged for his quirks and personality. Determined to find where he belongs, GameTime meets new crazy and obscure characters and customs in the world of Wikia which with their own talents and special abilities who help him find his place but after unleashing a great evil, the fate of the digital world lies into the hands of GameTime must travel to find the one true artifact to save his friends and travel beyond Wikia before the Webiverse gets destroyed! On his adventure, GameTime learns about his past, present and future while he must make a choice: to save his real world reputation or save all of the internet before it is deleted forever.


  • RealGameTime
  • King Phantom
  • Captain Botsman
  • Grinswald Anachid
  • The Hacker
  • Fricksy Business
  • Violet
  • Officer Lawson
  • Spot
  • Professor Magnesium
  • Abby
  • Warlack
  • Lucy Luficer
  • Rocksan Gaymerlight
  • Inkshot
  • Hot Metal Joe
  • Frank Badgers
  • Beast X
  • Shannon
  • GameTime's GF
  • GameTime's Family
  • GameTime's School Friends
  • Random Townspeople
  • Random Wikia Members


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  • Rabbi.t
  • Know Your Meme
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  • League of Legends


  • The movie is planned to release sometime during GameTime's 21st birthday.
  • The levels on LD Customs will be released in Summer 2018.

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