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The GameTime Movie a upcoming movie produced by GameTime Studios and LMMCU. It will be released on November 2017. It focuses on the internet site, Wikia by Fandom.


GameTime is just user at Wikia, the biggest fandom site in all of the internet. Defeating villains and his quirky, crazy personality, GameTime is known as a big celebrity. That is until he realizes that he realizes that he unleashes the evil King Phantom which wants creates his own army to rule all of Wikia. GameTime must venture out his friends, re-learn about his past actions, and travel "outside" into the crazy unknown sites of the internet in order to solve this one big error.


  • RealGameTime
  • King Phantom
  • Captain Botsman
  • Grinswald Anachid
  • The Hacker
  • Fricksy Business
  • Violet
  • Officer Lawson
  • Spot
  • Professor Magnesium
  • Abby
  • Angelina
  • Warlack
  • Lucy Luficer
  • Clara Gaymerlight
  • Triword
  • Real Life People
  • GameTime's Family
  • More characters will be added...


  • LEGO Dimensions Wiki
  • LMMCU Wiki
  • LEGO Dimensions Customs Wiki
  • Community Central
  • Fantendo
  • Brickapedia
  • Sketchian Multiverse Wiki
  • Discord


  • The movie is planned to release sometime during GameTime's 20th birthday.
  • A sequel will be developed if the movie does well.
  • In the second movie trailer, Vesp and Skittle appear. They will be cut out of the movie due to unknown reasons. They were both readded later.
  • The levels on LD Customs will be released this summer.
  • The LEGO Blazer Movie's sequel will be a crossover with The GameTime Movie. TLBM's Sequel will not be canon with The GameTime Movie's universe.
  • Some parts of the trailer are cut out due to being too long or not funny enough. They will released in The GameTime Movie DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • More original female characters will be in the movie.

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