The Everyday Life in McDonalds is a American sitcom made by Marty McCoy


McDonalds, you gotta be lovin it. Learn about the everyday life of McDonalds workers, and how they get into cluttered up situations. But in the end, they'll always serve your Big Mac and everything will go back to making hamburgers.


  • MilesRS777 as Miles McDonald, the grandson of McDonalds' founder. He works as the chief of McDonalds
  • PeaceableKingdom as Aiden Peaceable, one of the cashiers of McDonalds who would rather be playing video games on his PS4
  • RealGameTime as Jared Daniels, Ronald McDonald's actor who has to suffer being thrown at by 3-year-olds
  • PixelFox666 as Lukas Fox, a chef who never fails to make a delicious meal
  • GalaGamez as Jenna Galaxy (Mostly known as "Gala"), the other cashier who is really enthusiastic about her job, because when she was young, she wanted to work for Krusty Krab
  • VesperalLight as Nathan Vesperal, the person who boxes the Happy Meals
  • Trigger Happy the Gremlin as Brand Triggers, the person who works at the Drive Thru
  • Skittleflake as Honey Flake, Miles' little character on his computer
  • The-Cipher-King-2002 as Zach C-King, McDonalds' most visited customer, he loves to go to the fast food place


Season 1

  • Episode 1: First Day Workin'!
  • Episode 2: Hasta La Vista, McDonalds
  • Episode 3: The Scary Movie
  • Episode 4: Greatest Enemy
  • Episode 5: Aiden's Swag Escape (Not Really)
  • Episode 6: A Huge Thanks-Giving
  • Episode 7: Bitin' Burgerz
  • Episode 8: That Time of The Year Again
  • Episode 9: A Merry Christmas!
  • Episode 10: A New Year
  • Episode 11: McDonalds Closed?