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The Cipher Show! Piano is an all-new action, adventure, post-apocalyptic series, that will be a reboot of the LMMCU Universe's Cipher character. It will be about Cipher, a heavy metal wannabe, and a huge drug addict, who must learn how to survive when a terrorist group destroys Santa Cando, the last remaining city on this desert planet called Earth in 2127. However, when Cipher finds some ancient 1832 model piano buried in the sand, he finds out that it can teleport you ANYWHERE! Cipher uses this trick to travel around millions of unexplored galaxies and universes, while also trying to seek revenge on Vivo de Latima, the captain of the terrorist group that tried to destroy the world (the series finale will not have a happy ending). The series will be rated TV-MA LDV due to huge amounts of swearing, highly graphic violence, and many smoking references. It's unlike other LMMCU TV shows due to its incredibly dark atmosphere and messages and no appearances from other characters.


  • Cipher
  • William "Bill" Frederick Cipher, b. December 18, 2108, is a mysterious yellow floating triangle with one eye, a top hat, and a bow tie. However, despite these features, he hardly acts fancy at all. He has a huge obsession with heavy metal music. He used to play in a very good heavy metal garage band called The Slaughterhouses, that actually made a few thousand bucks through gigs, but they had to break up due to two members dying from meth and vape overdoses, and another one moving away due to terrorist attack reports. Cipher's also a huge marijuana addict and has even been arrested once because of it. Thankfully, he was bailed out of jail by his parents and a LOT of cookies. However, things start to change when his city, Santa Cando, Texas, also the last remaining city on Earth, is finally shot down by YUSN, the terrorist group behind all of the Earth's destruction. Coincidentally, Cipher was somehow not killed, mainly due to the fact that he was out scavenging for food. When it's raining in the desert for the first time in 7 years, you know that looking for food is the last thing you'd see people doing. However, Cipher eventually learns how to survive in these conditions, until he finds a mysterious ancient piano from 1832 that can teleport him to many unknown universes and galaxies, which makes his life slightly easier.