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The Cipher King is a minor character in the Amazing Life Of Vesp And GameTime. He sometimes joins Vesp, GameTime, Marty, and Nerd on their adventures. There is a recurring joke about him farting on people in episodes. The gang sometimes hate him for farting everywhere. He comes from a very gassy family, I believe. He also is secretly in love with E.T..



Cipher really likes GameTime. They hang out a lot. He thinks GameTime is a cool guy with his video game knowledge. However, sometimes GameTime gets mad when Cipher starts goofing off.


Cipher thinks Vesp is ok. He thinks he's cool with all his history knowledge, but sometimes he thinks he can act too nerdy. He also thinks he's a bit too popular. Vesp is one of the people Cipher farts on the most. That's why he gets ticked off with Cipher a lot.

Farty Marty

Cipher hates Marty. He thinks he's too bossy and smart. He wishes he could die in a hole with 1,000 lit TNTs. Cipher always farts on Marty (which is why he calls him Farty Marty) and that always gets him mad. Even though they hate each other, deep down inside they care for each other too.


Trigger is Cipher's best friend.

Nerd with a Pencil

Cipher hasn't interacted with Nerd a lot. The only time he has was when he farted on him, which almost killed him. So I'm assuming he hates him.


E.T. is Cipher's best friend and boy friend (yes he's gay). They love each other a lot. Sometimes Cipher thinks he can be weird when he takes off everyone's clothes and has sex everywhere, but other than that their best friends.


Cipher really likes Bob. He thinks he's fun, well trained, and cute. In fact, he used to be Cipher's boy friend until he met E.T..


Along with the others, Cipher hates Pixel. He thinks he's a stupid, laid back, cocky bully.

Principal Morton

Cipher despises Morton because he thinks he's fat. He has also raped Morton a few times. But that was because he killed Bob.

Tiffany and Clara

From what he's seen, Tiffany and Clara are nice girls. They just don't hang out with Cipher often because they're GameTime and Marty's girl friends.