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The Chronicles of Whirprelika is a show made by LMMCU and Foxy Studios.


The world was split up into 4 factions the Sun Faction,The Moon Faction,The Valkires and Earth Monks.But there were 3 factions that teamed up aganist them,The Plague Knights,Umbra's Ninjas and The Chaos Warlords.They went to war and the war is still going on today.19 years from when the war started a boy named Melvin England a boy born into a village that is not afflieted with any of the factions what Faction will he choose?


Season 1

  • Episode 1:Raid Of Umbra
  • Melvin England is a boy from Medcridi Village who dreams to be a guard.But Umbra's Ninjas come and attacks his village.
  • Episode 2:Escape From Umbra
  • Zeno attacks Melvin and the guards will they escape?
  • Episode 3:Nallaika Village
  • Melvin,Quinten and Sheldon enter Nallakia Village only to find out that is pouplated by thevies
  • Episode 4:Fated Meeting
  • Melvin is walking around in the middle of the night only to find the Moon Godesses,Tsuki
  • Episode 5:Melvin VS Striker
  • The Chaos warlords attack and Melvin faces off aganist Striker a commander of the Chaos Warlords
  • Episode 6:Thevies Den