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The Adventures of Vesp: The Time Apocalypse is a TV Show that takes place during the Time Apocalypse, one of the events in The Adventures of Vesp, set to premiere on August 20th.


Season 1:

The world changed once the Time Apocalypse hit. Time no longer had any meaning, until a lone man decided he would be the one to change that.


  • Vesp - Main Character, wants to change the world back to the way it was before the Time Apocalypse started (VesperalLight)
  • Miles - Friend of Main Character, reluctantly helps main character (MilesRS677)
  • The Doom-Raider - Main Antagonist
  • Sky - Person who was struck directly by the Time rays from the beginning of the Time Apocalypse and can only exist for a few minutes at a time as a result of it. (Skylanderlord3)
  • Trail Blazer - Helps main character on adventure and has fire powers as a result of being in a fire when the Time Apocalypse started (Trailblazer101)
  • Jago - Travelled back in time from the future to prevent the Time Apocalypse from happening. (iNinjago)
  • GameTime - TBA (RealGameTime)


Season 1:

  • The Beginning of the End of Time
  • The Apocalypse begins
  • Time Flies
  • The Past becomes the Present
  • Journey into the Future
  • Advancing on Time
  • The Dark Ages
  • Returning Time