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The Adventures of Goggles~Chan is an anime made by Nintendo and Pixelated Studios


In the world of Inkopolis Goggles~Chan is the very best and perfect Inkling but when the evill Jackson Army came Goggles~Chan must team up with Ball Ball~Chan and Gru~Chan to stop the Jackson army


xWhiteWolfx as Goggles~Chan

Hankarooni as Ball Ball~Chan and Richard Henry

PixelFox666 as Gru~Chan and Reggie~Chan

cosmicmario004 as Samurai~Chan

Jacksoh as Jackson

Crepes as Crepes

Babies as Babies

Nick Crompton as Englandismycity~Chan


Episode 1:Goggles~Chan and the rise of the Jackson Army

Episode 2:EASY KILLLS!

Episode 3:Ball Ball~Chan vs Gru~Chan

Episode 4:Teabagging Monsters

Episode 5:That one epic bridge battle

Episode 6:Samurai~Chan!

Episode 7:Richard Henry and Reggie~Chan in the splatzones!

Episode 8:Woomy!


  • This is based off of what Pixel does with his friends in splatoon 2(Yes i am Gru~Chan dont ask what happens to me at 1:00 AM)