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Tess Ernest is a character in Morphers.



Tess is the most mature of her village, fitting her to be chief. Compared to the other Erenest Villagers, she is the smartest and most serious. She treats her brothers like students, but she still cares for them extremely much. She also has some fairly dorky tendencies, such as wearing an outdated exercise outfit when she jogs or wearing a mortarboard when she teaches lessons. Her fear of heights is not helped by her habitat's location and she keeps it a secret, but is completely unaware that her brothers secretly know about her fear, but they would never dare to tell her that they know.


Tess is a midget with blonde hair, lipstick, a mole, shades, a yellow suit, and grey and yellow pants.



Her ponytail can act as a taser, which she uses to whip enemies and shock them. It also has the ability to scale any surface. She can also light the end of it like a flashlight.


  • She got her lips burned off in an incident where the Ingrid Merph pumped 64 gallons of magma into the pipelines of the entirety of Planet Morpher, including Tess' house.
  • Her ponytail can be used as a prod, as seen in Calling All Morphers.