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Ted is a character in Morphers.


Ted is an extremely tough and smart Morpher. Despite these powerful strengths, he has super horrible and serious confidence issues. He is a Morpher of no words or emotions, and has a tendency to stick to the sidelines. No one knows why though, because this flexible Morpher has limbs that pack a giant punch and the ability to climb any surface and capture any Norpher that attacks. However, he knows how to have fun, and when he gets into something, he can grow enthusiastic and happy.


Ted has short black hair, fair skin, brown eyes, and wears an orange stovepipe hat with two tears, a generic orange shirt with black sleeves, transparent orange hands and feet, and orange and black pants.



His legs can stretch to long lengths and act like whips to attack extremely quickly but disappointingly his lack of confidence weakens that a lot.


Early Life

Nothing is known about Ted's early life. However, he managed to secure a job at the Hamanossi Conveyor Belt in the past.


  • Like Jake and Glenn, he walks on 4 limbs.
    • He is the only one out of those not to act like a canine, and the only one to have 4 actual legs.
  • His head cameos in Venturian Battle as a cephalopod.
  • His body shape is the same as Zak's.
  • His arms are unusually short; said because of this, he uses his legs to flex and stretch instead.
  • He is the most towering of the Flemyngs.