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Tales of Time is a TV Show that is takes place during the Victorian Era, set to premiere on Frick TV on December 16th.


Season 1:

In Victorian London, everything is normal, apart from the occasional serial killer, until fictional tales set in Victorian England start coming to life. In the middle of the action is Detective David Smith, who has to get to the bottom of the mystery with his assistant Sally Allen.

Season 2:

In 1980's America, a group of kids hang out over the summer, but then weird events start happening that seem to correspond with films being released at the time.


  • Detective David Smith - Detective and Main Character (VesperalLight)
  • Sally Allen - David's Assistant
  • Gerard Bentley - Rich gentleman who lives on the mansion on the hill
  • Jack Payton - Gerard's Butler
  • Ward Wallace - Regular person but sees things happening in the town and wants to know more (Skylanderlord3)
  • Tommy Digger - Captain of the Titanic who is transported to London 1887 via a time portal (MilesRS777)
  • Dr. Jekyll - Tommy's best friend and scientist who can turn into another man called Mr. Hyde


Season 1:

  • Burke and Hare
  • Jack the Ripper
  • World's Best Detective
  • The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  • The Time Machine
  • Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • Everything at Stake
  • No one would have believed.. (Part 1)
  • No one would have believed.. (Part 2)
  • A Christmas Carol (Christmas Special)

Season 2:

  • Termination Time
  • Raiders of the Temple of Doom
  • Who Ya Gonna Call?
  • Extra-Terrestrial Trouble
  • The Three Rules
  • Never Say Die
  • You Chicken?
  • A long time ago..
  • ..In a galaxy far far away
  • The End of Time (4 part crossover with Agent Ghost, The Creature Hunt, and TAOV)