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Umbra Raid is the first episode of The Chronicles of Whirprelika.


It starts by introducing the 4 factions and 3 dark factions.The our story starts in Medcrdi Village and our hero Melvin England is walking around his vilage trying to find a blacksmith to repair his sword.He goes to the blacksmith who tries to repair his sword.But then after repairing the sword he is stabbed by a ninja from Umbra's faction.The ninja is named Zeno and tries to stab Melvin.Melvin blocks Zeno and runs outside.He finds that the entire village has been raided and there leader Linna laughes mancilley.But then 4 guards come to Melvin's aid.Melvin tries to stay and fight but the guards tell him to run.

Linna tries to convince the guards to join her by stroking the head of the guards.The head guard is not purswaded and tries to stab Linna.She dodges and throws a knife at another guard killing him.The head guard knocks her down and they run into the forset.Linna tells her men to go get them and Zeno along with 5 other ninjas run into the forset

Melvin is stil running but trips over a rock.He then tries to bandage it up when suddenly he hears rustiling through the bushes.He then sees the head guard and 2 other guards come out of the trees the introuduce themselves as Quinten(Head Guard),Sheldon and Oswald.Melvin asks them why Umbra came and the guards say that Umbra wants all of the netural villages to join her by sending out her sudctresses.Quinten tells Melvin that they need to run.Melvin and the rest of the guards start to run but Zeno and the ninjas are waiting in the trees.