TALOVAG: Dimensional Run (Also known as The Amazing Life of Vesp and GameTime or TALOVAG: Season One)is the first of the three TALOVAG games, it is released on October 29th 2016

Quick summary

Zemo is up to no good again and mixed up three chemicals causing a portal to open! Zemo jumped in and went to destroy the other dimensions! Play as Vesp and GameTime and try and save the dimensions from Zemo with the Episode Season Pass! Starring episodes 1-5


Episode 1: The Spooktacular World

Zemo made a portal and is now going to wreck all dimensions! Starting with the Halloween Dimension, a dimension filled with all kind of monsters. Zemo is planning to bring down the moon and bring up the sun killing the whole dimension! Can you stop him? Coming October 29th 2016!

Episode 2: Programmed to Kill

Zemo goes to the Future Dimension and invents a formula that controls innocent humans! You must find the Electro-Bomb and destroy the formula to save the dimension! Coming December 25th 2016!

Episode 3: Survival

Zemo goes to a dimension where people are playing FPS in real life! Called the War Games! Whoever loses the games is going to get zapped by Zemo's Destructinator! Gather a enemy and stop him! Coming Febuary 15th 2017!

Episode 4: A Warm-ish Welcome

Landing in the Medieval Dimension, Zemo teams up with Markon the Terrifying to take over the dimension! You must prevent this from happening and this time try to bring Zemo back into your own dimension! Coming April 3rd 2017!

Episode 5: Doubling the Events!

Back in your own dimension, you (kind of) brung Zemo to justice! But Zemo is now trying to destroy his own dimension by trying to double the horrible suffering Team Frick went through! Try to ACTUALLY bring Zemo to justice! Coming June 16th 2017!


  • This takes place after Pixel turns good
  • Coincidentally, Episode 2's name and Criminal Case Pacific Bay's Case 50 name are the same