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Vesperal Comics: Superhero Showdown is a team-based multiplayer FPS game based on Vesperal Comics.


In the far off future, heroes have started going rogue. A team of good heroes must hunt them down and bring justice to the world.


NamePrimary Attack (Left click/RTSecondary Attack (Right click/LT)Primary Ability (Left Shift/LB)Secondary Ability 2 (E/RB)Powerup Ability (Q/Y)Passive Ability
Split-Second Speed Punch Lightning Throw Speed Up Slow Down Slow Time (Slows every enemy around you down, and speeds up your teammates) Can run up walls
Equinox Light Beam/Shadow Beam Shoot Arrows/Hook people with Chain Switch into Demon Form Switch into Shadow Form Shadow Circle/Wreath of Light (Summons a circle around the character which if enemies step inside the circle, they gain damage, and teammates get healed) None
Decoy Throw Bo Staff None Summon Clone None TBA Melee Attack has extra effect
Game-Changer Shoot Energy Bolts Teleportation Drink Healing Potion Activate Super-Speed TBA Melee Attack has extra effect
Were-Kong Punch None Super-Jump Ground Stomp TBA }