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Super Miirio Bros is an upcoming Mario game.


The gameplay is the same as other Mario games, but the main focus is the ability to use Miis in place of regular Mario characters. Depending on the Miis shirt color, they can be different characters. If no Miis of that color have been made, the default Mario character is used instead. The full list of colors for characters is:

  • Mario = Red
  • Luigi = Green
  • Peach = Pink
  • Daisy = Orange
  • Yoshi = Light Green, Yellow, Light Blue, Pink (depending on the Yoshi color for player, which is the same as in New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
  • Birdo = Pink
  • Wario = Yellow
  • Waluigi = Purple
  • Donkey Kong = Brown
  • Bowser = Black
  • Bowser Junior = Black
  • Toad = (Whatever Toad colors can be Mii shirt colors)
  • Toadette = Pink
  • Toadsworth = Brown
  • Pianta = (Whatever Mii shirt colors Piantas can be)
  • Noki = (Whatever Mii shirt colors Nokis can be)
  • Koopa Troopa = (Whatever Mii shirt colors Koopa Troopas can be)
  • Paratroopa = (Whatever Mii shirt colors Paratroopas can be)
  • Goomba = Brown
  • Paragoomba = Brown
  • Boo = White
  • Dry Bones = (Whatever Mii shirt colors Dry Bones can be)
  • Hammer Bro = (Whatever Mii shirt colors Hammer Bros can be)
  • Magikoopa = (Whatever Mii shirt colors Magikoopas can be)
  • Shy Guy = (Whatever Mii shirt colors Shy Guys can be)
  • Monty Mole = Brown
  • Blooper = White
  • King Boo = White
  • Petey Piranha = Light Green
  • Wiggler = Yellow


  • There is a minigame playable called Miinkey Kong, which is Donkey Kong but with Miis (whoever is Mario is Jumpman, whoever is Peach is Pauline, and Donkey Kong must be a Mii with a brown shirt).