Subjective is an animated TV-Series created by Dapigin. The show will release on September 15th, 2017.


In the year 3017, the world is full of interesting creatures and monsters living their normal lives. Soon, the world is threatened by shadow monsters, and the alien leader "Lord Xtruction". It's up to two monsters, Vez and Flare, to work together and save the world!


  • Vez - A pessimistic slime who may be the only slime left alive
  • Flare - A happy go lucky demon, who has shorter horns and is much nicer than all other demons
  • Ingo - A ghost-like creature who can spray ink and isn't dead, however he references dead memes
  • Stem - A dough-like creature, can blast electricity, Vez' love interest
  • I.O.I - A character who works for Lord Xtruction, but may not be on his side. He is mostly just a face on a screen of a robot
  • Zorglon - Alien, Lord Xtruction's loyal worker... for now
  • Lord Xtruction - Dark and creepy alien overlord, probably has to feelings or something
  • more tba


Season 1:

  1. TechTech: Vez wins a free computer from the world's biggest tech company, TechTech
  2. Shadows: Flare sees black slime everywhere, and thinks that it is because of Vez doing something suspicious
  3. Ingo: Flare and Vez meet Stem's friend Ingo.
  4. Four: Flare and Ingo make a band, and force Stem and Vez to join it.
  5. Crystal: Flare sees the inside of Vez's eye crystal
  6. Rat: Ingo finds a rat.


Season 2: TBA

Season 3: TBA

Season 4: TBA


  • Vez's name sounds like the french word "vase", which can be translated to "Slime", however it also means "vase" so i dunno.
  • This show is inspired by OK K.O, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Star Vs, and Milo Murphy's Law

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