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Subjective is an animated TV-Series created by Dapigin. The show will release on September 15th, 2017.


In the year 3017, the world is full of interesting creatures and monsters living their normal lives. Soon, the world is threatened by shadow monsters, and the alien leader "Lord Xtruction". It's up to two monsters, Vez and Flare, to work together and save the world!

Main Characters

  • Vez - A pessimistic slime who may be the only slime left alive
  • Flare - A happy go lucky demon, who has shorter horns and is much nicer than all other demons
  • Ingo - A ghost-like creature who can spray ink and isn't dead, however he references dead memes
  • Stem - A dough-like creature, can blast electricity, Vez' love interest
  • Zorglon - Alien, Lord Xtruction's loyal worker... for now
  • Lord Xtruction - Dark and creepy alien overlord, probably has to feelings or something
  • Shadowne - Vez's shadow clone thing, the only good shadow creature
  • Blast - Flare's sister, who is better than Flare at everything
  • XSphere: Lord Xtruction's main robot that he normally uses to attack earth. He's bossy and annoying
  • TurretSphere: One of Lord Xtruction's robots. He can shoot lasers. He is socially awkward and shy
  • DrillSphere: One of Lord Xtruction's robots. She's edgy.
  • more tba


Season 1A:

  1. TechTech: Vez wins a free computer from the world's biggest tech company, TechTech
  2. Shadows: Flare sees black slime everywhere, and thinks that it is because of Vez doing something suspicious
  3. Ingo: Flare and Vez meet Stem's friend Ingo.
  4. Four: Flare and Ingo make a band, and force Stem and Vez to join it.
  5. Crystal: Flare sees the inside of Vez's eye crystal
  6. Rat: Ingo finds a rat.
  7. Bit: Vez gets bit by a shadow monster while Flare starts a chicken noodle soup company
  8. Clone: Vez has to learn to live with his shadow clone
  9. Sister: Flare's sister, Blast, comes to vist
  10. Debate: Vez and Flare have a serious debate over which cartoon is better
  11. Kidnapped (Mid-season finale): Shadowne gets kidnapped by aliens

Season 1B:

  1. Minutes Of TechTech: Vez, Flare, and Shadowne get locked in TechTech overnight
  2. The Alien Conspiracy: Vez tries to figure out why Shadowne was kidnapped
  3. Zorglon of Worlds: A look at Zorglon's life
  4. The Key: Vez's arm turns into a key
  5. Spacekid: Vez and Zorglon are lost in space
  6. Hilarity Ensues: Flare brings Zorglon to the store
  7. Spooky: The gang rounds up on halloween to tell spooky cliche stories
  8. Vez's computer gets hacked and starts playing really weird random videos
  9. I Am Robot?: Vez and Flare get attacked by robots
  10. Save The World: The main cast all go to space
  11. Save The Earth (Season Finale): Lord Xtruction's true motives are reveaked

Season 2:

  1. The Life Of Zip: Zip lives a depressing life
  2. Zorglon and Ingo: Zorglon and Ingo are lost on a strange planet.
  3. The Sleepover: Vez and Flare are completely depressed and scared after their events in space.
  4. Rap Battle: TechTech holds a rap battle for attention
  5. I Am Immune: Lord Xtruction sends his new Indestructi-bots to earth
  6. The Emojipocolypse: An emoji virus spreads around the globe, leaving Vez and Ingo as the only survivors
  7. I Am Prizoner: XSphere, TurretSphere and DrillSphere are in Space Prison.
  8. hack2.rar: Zorglon creates a device to see into people's minds, but it gets hacked.
  9. Dreams: A look into the dreams of the main cast.
  10. Hurt (Season Finale): Vez and Flare prepare for Lord X's inevitable attack

Season 3:

  1. Origins: How Vez and Flare met
  2. Undercover: Vez has to escape Lord X's ship without his crystal
  3. The Cupid Thief: A mysterious person steals Cupid's love potion, so X-Sphere, Flare, Ingo, and Anti-Cupid have to stop the theif
  4. I Am On Earth?: The three spheres have to adjust to their earth life
  5. TBA Epik Journey of iNinjago and Fun crossover
  6. Lacking The Future: Vez and Flare have to stop a time traveler from messing up everything
  7. 3rdhack.mp4: All of the technology in the world gets hacked
  8. The Rides: The main cast all go to an amusement park
  9. Adopted: Vez's parents come for dinner, but X-Sphere thinks Vez is adopted
  10. Parent Investigators (Season Finale): Vez tries to find out who his real parents are

Season 4:

  1. Guitar Anti-hero: TBA
  2. Back Then: TBA
  3. Cloud Theif: TBA
  4. Atlantis: TBA
  5. Pure Sugar: TBA
  6. Formulaic: TBA
  7. Just A Puppet: TBA
  8. Finding Emo: TBA
  9. Lord X Now: TBA
  10. Wedding Day: TBA
  11. Objective Part 1 - Fighting Shadows: TBA
  12. Objective Part 2 - Alone: TBA
  13. Objective Part 3 - Your Choices: TBA
  14. Objective Part 4 - Final Battle: TBA
  15. Subjective (Series Finale): TBA


  • Demon Board - Flare's hoverboard that she rides. She built it to escape the underworld. It can go to space
  • Slime Scooter - Vez's main mode of transportation since he doesn't have a car.
  • Ingo's Van - A van Ingo has because he owns it
  • X-Sphere Vehicle Mode - X-Phere can turn into a segway-like thing people can ride


  • Vez's name sounds like the french word "vase", which can be translated to "Slime", however it also means "vase" so i dunno.
  • This show is inspired by OK K.O, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Star Vs, and Milo Murphy's Law.

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