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Kristian: Stoneball! (Throws Stoneball.)

Ingrids(cheering) Stoneball!

Sheldon(Gets crushed by stone, shoves it off of him. Sheldon is killed)

Florence: Stoneball looks fun, gals. Let us play.

Zoe: I am speedy, but I am no dyke. No way.

Florence: Vanessa?

Vanessa: (Droops glasses, Florence and Zoe look at each other with anger) Uh, well know I am um… busy...ha? (Bursts into tears from stress)

Florence: (Middle fingers, walks over towards the Christians) I will play.

Christians: (Laughing.)

Kristian: Oh, you serious. TEAMS! (Sheldon, reconstructed, throws the stone in the clouds)

Sebastian: HA HA HA! (Sebastian kicks it towards Florence, who panics and scrambles around.)

Kristian: Get under it, GET UNDER IT! (Florence's fire generator sets the stone on fire) HOT—BAAAAAAALL! (Throws inflamed Stone at Sebastian and Sheldon causing Sebastian to become horrified. He jumps into Sheldon's arms and both are hit by the burning stone. Cut to white background, Sheldon and Sebastian are sitting down, both entirely melted into liquid alloys.)

Kristian and Florence: New game Morphball!

Ingrids and Christians: MORPH!!!

[Sheldon and Zoe morph, Florence and Kristian morph, and Sebastian and Vanessa morph. Each form a firey stone and launch it towards each other. Cut to the Urban Mountain, Vincent is laying out on a lawn chair, holding a tanning mirror.]

Vincent: I will never get a tan! (A bomb shock from the explosion hits Vincent, his entire body is now liquid xenon.) OH S**T WHAT UP?!?