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The Darkness Spider Queen is a huge female Darkness Spider in Galaxy Adventures created by Valor using Darkness Infected Bricks.

The Spider Queen was created in the Valor Research Facility, where Valor researchers such as Kai Lee studied her in hopes of finding a weakness in the Darkness. However, the Spider Queen broke free in an explosion of Darkness energy which corrupted all of the researchers and Defense Bots into Darklings and Darkling Mechs. The Spider Queen fled to the Darkness Mine, where she spawned her offspring Dark Spiderlings.

As the power of the Nexus League increased, the Spider Queen retreated even further into the depths of the Darkness Mine, where she found an old unused launchpad and destroyed Valor Darkwarp Rockets. She and her Dark Spiderlings repaired the launchpad and a Darkwarp Rocket, allowing her to leave the Darkness Mine and travel to Brick Yard.


  • The Spider Queen took 34 bricks to make.